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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So I attend Macquarie University – the innovative university.

Enrolment stuff has improved somewhat in recent years in that I can now enrol myself on line with little difficulty. But for years it was a total shit fight every time.

But I’m reaching the end of my tether. The ‘innovative’ university ‘accomodates’ students whose life makes attendance at university difficult or impossible by offering external study.

Unfortunately some convenors of the courses taught externally frequently expect such students to have completed the readings for the entire 12/13 week courses by the mid semester breaks to be discussed (such discussions forming the basis of assessment) at the on campus sessions, usually around week five or six.

So the university’s way of ‘accomodating’ students with different or extra needs is to say ‘Sure…you can still study. But you’d better be prepared to read 500 pages of law each week, and grapple with TWO legal concepts each week for each subject’.

Further, the ‘Innovative University’ is SO innovative that they don’t feel the need to have WebCT (our portal for access to online units) up and ready to go on the first day back. I have to read the first week’s readings and be ready to discuss them (in fact I should be reading the first TWO weeks) but the university declines to either send me a copy of the study guide or make it available online.

So I have two days set aside each week for study – Monday and Tuesday. If the unit materials and study guide had been available I would have completed my first week’s worth of reading for each subject by now (nevermind the pressure to complete two as discussed above) but because the ‘innovative’ university can’t be bothered having materials ready to go on the first day I now have to spend the rest of the week playing catch ups, diverting my energies away from work, my son and and social plans we had.

I emailed the course convenors – one emailed me a copy of the study guide (never mind that until I got that, the uni’s website had only told me I needed ONE of the two required texts so I have to wait extra days for the second to arrive so can’t complete the readings) but one flatly refused telling me it was online. When I told him it wasn’t and that the I.T department had advised me that it would not be for 72 hours, he again dismissed me telling me it would be up at 6:00 a.m the next morning. Hey, surprise! It wasn’t!

Anyway – I have access to one week’s worth of readings for one subject, and that’s 209 pages for the first week – so really in the next week I’ve got roughly 800 pages to move through because if I have extra needs, I have to do extra work because the university doesn’t accommodate extra needs in any real way, and further I have to wait to get them since the whole text list/delivery/WebCT gig is so fucking disorganised.

I sure am glad I’m not going to one of those ‘non-innovative’ universities.

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