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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I don’t know, this guy may be right, and Alice in Wonderland may well be a dreadful movie.

But to say of the 19 year old woman playing Alice:

“The girl’s got all the warmth of a refrigerated trout, and a face you’d expect to see Blu-Tacked to the inside of a London phone box.

“She’s not a heroine – she looks like she’s ON heroin.”

Sorry, it’s just not okay. If she can’t act, discuss that. But shut the fuck up about ‘she looks like she’s on heroin’/’blu-tacked to the inside of a London phone box’. These things act as contemptuous dismissal in and of themselves: it seems to say that if these things were right of COURSE any right-thinking-person would hate her and the movie.

A/ I can’t see why her appearance seems to have pissed this man off so, B/ I don’t like the tone or the implications of the insults themselves, that she’s ‘blu-tacked to the inside of a London phone box’/takes heroin. The most charitable interpretation I can think of for that is that this man feels she’s disgusting and worthy of universal contempt and scorn because she looks like someone who’d be on a ‘missing person’ flyer. I find it a bit astonishing to think that someone would react to the category of ‘missing persons’ with such contempt…it seems to resound with the idea that these ‘losers’ lost themselves or something. Or that she’s worthy of contempt as would be a 19 year old heroin user. Nice attempt at humanity buddy.

ETA – I had suspected at the time of reading it that he was actually referring to sex workers – but I refrained from having a go on that basis as I wasn’t sure, not being familiar with London telephone boxes having never traveled there – but a commenter confirmed my suspicions that that was what he was saying.

So essentially he’s running the oh so hilarious ‘two bit hooker’ line. Oh charming. First this girl is nineteen years old and did nothing more than have a face that doesn’t happen to please your arbitrary personal taste in women (though she was playing Alice so possibly WASN’T their for your cock) so rather than critique the movie you’re running the ‘face like a smack rat/ho’ line. Second: the egregious contempt for sex workers inherent in your ‘joke’ is flat out disgusting. Sex workers are people not ‘things’, sex workers are human not ‘trash’ – your comment seems to indicate that you think that the faces on flyers advertising sexual services belong to women who ought to be treated with contempt, ‘worthless’/’ugly’ women, not worthy of respect and I have no tolerance for that attitude, it’s vile, it’s misogynistic and it is dangerous. This arsehole should be fired. Preferably from a canon into the same ‘black hole’ he suggests the movie should be hurtled into.

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