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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Yes, I have an eye twitch. Two. I am tired, and I am pissed off (shocking to my readers I know!).

I am tired and pissed off as I am feeling utterly assaulted by the continual evidence that I, as a woman, am not a *person*, but a prop.My *life* means nothing to the patriarchy, it would rather I shut the fuck up, stopped thinking, stopped arguing and just got busy spending all day every day improving my appearance – even though it’s set up an ideal that I couldn’t live up to even if I did.

Women are allowed into the workforce, sure. But we’re paid less, ogled, often harrassed and felt up, our opinions are mocked and discounted, only to be repeated back to us later (without due credit of course), we are forced to listen to misogynist jokes and to smile quietly while men feel free to make their fucking sick jokes and infuriatingly ‘entitled’ comments upon the bonability of every other woman. They then turn and say ‘Oh, sorry if that offends you’. When really, they aren’t. They don’t care. They keep doing it. They don’t even think twice about whether it offends you and certainly not *why*. They say ‘sorry’ as an excuse to keep doing it.

They don’t have to walk around knowing that their gender are ludicrously susceptible to violence of a sexual and non sexual nature at the hands of the opposite sex. They don’t have to spend inordinate amounts of time polishing, waxing, painting, smoothing, dieting and otherwise jujjing themselves into a state of overly made up and ridiculously adorned perfection (a state which they’ll never attain since it’s unattainable and they’ll just continue to get unfavourably compared to younger and brighter nameless faceless women since THAT IS HOW IT WORKS) or be called all sorts of dehumanising names suggesting they are *not* a *real* specimen of their gender. They don’t have to think about being reduced to their genitals at the VERY same time that their genitals are widely derided as disgusting, smelly, horrific and used as an analogy for weakness.

They get to bond with one another over what a pain in the arse we are, how they’d all be better off without us, how we’re nagging, whining shrews who trap them into marriage and yet THEY KEEP FUCKING PROPOSING.

What is it fellas? Do you worship the cunt or fear it? Do you want to be married or is that an apocalyptic nightmare? It’s not like we fucking need your shit (except society is designed precisely so women ARE reduced to financial dependance on men), so make up your fucking minds and get out of my face. You’re causing me facial twitches and I keep looking like I’m winking at strangers. Which we ALL KNOW (cos Sam in the City TOLD US) means if you rape me you can blame ME. Because I WAS GIVING YOU THE EYE!!

Think about it people. The next time you think you’re getting The Eye from a woman, maybe she just has a Patriarchy Induced eyetwitch.

And you know what? I HATE the word patriarchy. I don’t want to use it, but the inescapable fact that it’s real and it fucks everything up for women MAKES me use it.

Oh yeah, the SMH has an article about a dad who repeatedly raped his daughters over a 25 year period. WHEN will the media start talking about the fact that the majority of sexual abuse of kids happens INSIDE the home, that maybe the ‘family’ isn’t the sacrosanct little unit we pretend it is? That our society keeps producing these horrors, that maybe we should look at what links these things, the problems underlying it, GENDERED VIOLENCE, misogyny, masculinity etc, instead of making it the Story of the Exceptional Monsters. Stats don’t bear this fairytale out…WHY do we keep telling it? Oh yeah, to keep things rolling along as per.

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