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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So in the ‘I call bullshit on your facebook group’s aims’ basket (and it appears this may have to be a regular feature) a friend of mine joined a group allegedly to support single fathers.
Unfortunately it seems a few members seem to think that SUPPORTING single fathers means totally trashing single mothers and generally being misogynist douchebags. There was some SERIOUSLY hateful speech in there.

I was so sad – the friend is a guy fighting against a development in a sacred area – I had kinda thought we had some similar politics and he’d always struck me as far more gentle and thoughtful than most of the guys I knew from the Coast.

Said one woman:

I agree with single dads, they do a much better job @ holding it all together than most women(single or paired), single dads don’t get the same support, benifits, sympathy, & no way near the same compassion, understanding & pats on the back as they should for their exhaustion and calmness of mind, most women won’t cons…ider how much the fathers v their children put up with their shit, complaints, & selfishness cause women think there always right or the best, a single dad wouldn’t starve his child to go on a diet, a single dad wouldn’t abandon his child because he wants a stressfree life, a single dad would consider the care v his child before choosing 2 party hard, my heart n soul goes out to those brave men who are out there on their own good on ya’s, be strong, you CAN do it cause U R already better than anyone else could do 4 yr children. BE PROUD U R THERE 4 THEM through the good the bad & the ugly.

The creator of the group?

The mother of my children will never take resposibility for 2 or her other 3. She would have to be one of themost useless bitches i have ever been drunk enough to be with. My kids are better off never seeing her again.

His sister?

Here, Here, Now to all the single mums after my bro, let it be known! He NO ghetto assed Biatch with Ghetto assed Dreamz

Some other guy?

[Whoops, accidentally repeated earlier quote – I was so agitated by this site – and the overall F/book crap – that I deactivated my account so I’m not going back on to find it – more ‘useless bitch’ stuff]

I can’t even offer any commentary right now other than to ask WHY it is that so many people seem to want men to be respected and they act as though there’s only ONE piece of ‘respect pie’ left and that they’re in a desperate war with women to win it. And funnily enough in a war over/demand for respect their prime tool is utter hatred, vilification and DISRESPECT?

Seriously – that shit is just NASTY.

ETA – that’s it for me and facebook. The guy who’s campaign I’ve been supporting pulled the whole ‘Oh it’s all just opinion, so valid’ crap. SO sick of it. Then of course the sister (someone I knew from school) came on to have a personal dig at me. At which point I heard a ringing in my ears and went for it. I’ve deactivated. Hopefully I won’t get an email from the troll. I’m so angry right now – and also happy – Facebook has been a real energy-sap for a while now and it’s the push I needed to ditch it.

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