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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I’m trying this new thing…where rather than pointing out the extreme bigotry of someone like Sam de Brito, I thought I’d try to just look at the logic (such as it is) contained within a single post, and follow it through.

 It’s nowhere near as entertaining to write, or, I would guess to read. My problem with my usual way of writing is that if you’re *on my team*, you’ll hear me and agree, but if you’re not, you won’t hear a thing…the idea here is that if I can undo him as a writer, expose the flaws of logic, and the manipulation that he uses in a given post, that perhaps…perHAPS…this will reach into the caveman like minds of those who rabidly support him…

 So I tried that today in posting a comment in response to his charming take on drink spiking…go on, have a guess…but surprise, sur-fucking-prise Sam didn’t post it. Whassa madda Sammy? Sammy doesn’t have a comeback? Awww…who’s a gwumpy liddle misogynist?

Ahem. Not doing so well refraining from my usual sarcasm…but…given that I don’t have equal access to publishing in the SMH, and given Sam can’t engage with an argument without resorting to the old ad hominem one-two my plan is to post one or two of these responses on my blog site. Give me feedback. If they’re batshit boring, then tell me so…I’ll happily go back to slapping him around for the pig of a human being he is…but if you think I’m on to something with this approach, that would be handy feedback as well…I just need to know how to get it *on his site*…

 So the post after this will be a cut and paste of his post and then my response to it. I don’t want to send traffic his way.

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