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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

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Michael Savage is here to tell Da Troof about Autism. 

An excerpt from the linked article:

On his radio show last week, he said: “What do you mean they scream and they’re silent? They don’t have a father around to tell them, `Don’t act like a moron. You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don’t sit there crying and screaming, you idiot.'”

No, take a leaf out of Savage’s book and put a microphone in front of you to cry and scream into. Don’t forget to make it hateful, offensive, ignorant and bigoted.

Gee whiz am I sorry my son doesn’t have a father figure like you around! I feel his problems would be greatly lessoned under the loving care of your guidance.

Anyone traumatised by that prime example of fuckwittery can visit the following sites for Autism support and information:

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