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Got to the office this morning (late) and got on the Sydney Morning Herald website. Learned that Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings fame and fortune) is making The Hobbit into not one, but two films. Great. That’s my Boxing Day evening’s entertainment sorted for another two years.

 So I share this with my boss who is an avid reader and fantasy nerd, and he says “Why TWO films?” – I am not in the mood to hear criticisms of Peter Jackson (love him) so I say “I don’t CARE, I’d watch ANY film involving that man and Hobbits.” [Cue awkward office pause followed by much loud laughter].

So, while I don’t wish to imply judgement on anyone who does find that idea arousing, it’s just not doing it for me…gay porn? Sure, wow, no problem there. But gay porn between a shaggy tubby grown man and tiny people who look like children with big furry feet?

 Having said this I am sure there is a raft of fan-fic stuff out there about this exact scenario (and I just have to keep reminding myself they *aren’t* children, I mean Bilbo was eleventy-seven), so you know…I would say I’m concerned about generating the ire of these fan fic writers/readers by sharing exactly how funny my boss and I found my booming pronouncement that I’d be happy to watch a different kind of “Lord of the Rings”…but I think that would be overestimating my reader numbers. 

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