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So this post┬áis getting me in trouble with the Men’s Rights Activists at an ‘antimisandry’ forum…

Maybe it’s because I wrote it and it made me laugh, but I really don’t think it’s misandry. I don’t hate men…I hate arseholes…and even then do I advocate violence? NO! What I’m saying is *intelligent design* would seem a whole lot more intelligent to me if penises had been designed to be attached by velcro. C’mon…you KNOW you wanna laugh you angry little dudes!

So yeah, I spent the day wondering about whether or not what I was advocating was violence and mutilation…and well, I don’t really think so, no…ok…I do have a tendancy to joke about utilising cartoon style violence on people like Miranda Devine or Piers Ackerman (I mean for real, picture smacking her in the face with a shovel, it goes BOING!!!! and her face is imprinted in the shovel…but she’s unharmed!). But those *are* jokes, I would never REALLY hit anyone with hands or with anything, and I would never think it was funny if it happened…I’m definately anti mutilation and violence.

But with the velcroscenario…I dunno…it’s like stealing the nose of a Mr Potato head figurine…harmless confiscation (and helpful when penises are so often used as weapons)…a playful fantastical daydream whereby I could roam the streets with safety knowing I could dole out a painless and kinda funny consequence next time some arsehole thought it’d be funny to scare me…

And I still think that equating it with either a hatred of men, or the sadistic disembodying and often sexual violences that are inflicted on bodies (so much more frequently on women’s bodies) so often is a bit like the hysteria over Harry Potter making kids want to use magic wands…IT’S NOT REAL!!!!

Also…is there not something to the imaginary violence of the victim fighting back? Like the vicarious joy of watching Buffy wail on some dude bearing down on her with evil intent, I just meant for the confiscation of the penis (without pain I might add) to be a levelling of the playing field in the area of the imaginary.

I mean, I’m down with the fact that “it’s only a joke” doesn’t excuse stuff that’s still sick, is still linked to real violences, is still rooted in hatred/real disrespect…but c’mon! Tongue. In. Cheek…

Again, I’m not doing too well at being terribly serious about the subject…sigh.

Deranged feminist I’ll wear with pride (especially coming as it does from deranged and tantruming menfolk) but misandrist…I think not.

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