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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

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Cool, so a friend and I have decided to take our rant-fests into cyberspace….

So she’s responded to my last post here.

The idea is we’ll start up some kind of dialogue back and forth on the Current Topic of Ranting.

I’m supposed to be writing an essay, so I’d better keep this quick.

She mentions her *favourite* misogynist ad of late…

Mine? An old Lynx ad (if I can find the time, I’ll track it down and post it) but as I recall it, the dude sprays the Lynx in a line, down his body leading to his crotch…the punchline being that women are SO DRAWN to the smell that they’ll immediately and subserviently kneel before you and take your irresistable penis into their mouths. As it should be right?

Can I JUST SAY…If you have to draw a line of purchased ‘temptation’┬áto where it’s at, she aint going there no matter how much cheap-arse b.o basher you try to tempt her in with. FUCK!

This is fun.

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