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This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

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Sam in the City has written another delightfully insightful post – this time she talks about ‘deal breakers’ – what attributes can another person have so absolutely heinous that you will not consider dating them? Atrributes that make your stomach turn, your knees tremble (in a bad way) and have you heading for the hills screaming “Get behind me Satan [not in a good way]”?

Her list is fairly instructional for the novice ‘Ask Sam’ reader as to who her bread and butter commentors are and what sort of tribalistic fevered ‘let’s assert our power by verbally tearing apart women and the kinds of women we *particularly hate*’ kinds of comment themes she’s fishing for. If you can get them going on that the comments (and therefore the hits) come rolling in.

So. What makes the list? Let’s see? Violent crimes? Blatant aggression? Terrifyingly poor attitudes to life? No?? Um…wait…gambling addictions? Fundamentalism? Wait, wait, I’ll pick one…a lackadaisical attitude to personal hygeine?

No. You guessed it. *Chicks with tats*, *Feminists*, *nice guys* and *pretty boys*

It’s just so EASY – she’s like a sitting duck. A big one. Out in the open. In duck season. With two broken wings, one leg and you’ve got a bazooka. Doesn’t seem fair really.

Let’s see. First up a *friend* with a dilemma “My b/f will dump me if I get a tat…should I do it anyway?”. Heavens NO young child, a man (ANY man!) is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD!!! What are you THINKING???

Then to illustrate her pearls of wisdom she goes for a little Paris Hilton slut-shaming and advises (quietly, carefully, like her friend’s an easily spooked animal who’ll freak being talked to like a real grown up) that said friend try a henna tatoo first – the alleged result?         

                   ” So she did. Half an hour after getting it done, she was ready to scrub it off. “It’s ruining all my outfits,” she wailed, and then removed it. Luckily she could …

PHEW!!! Luck-Y!!!

She *wailed*??? After *half an hour*??? And a rose on her hip was ruining…all…her outfits? I’m beginning to suspect Sam in the City is not a *real* journalist, like sometimes she makes up pretend idiot friends who can’t make decisions and wail helplessly over the dilemma of a temporary tattoo that is ruining their outfits. Cos that is how women act. For real. We don’t know what we want. We change our minds more frequently than our underwear. When something goes ‘wrong’ we can’t fix it – even if it’s just washing a little texta off our hip, we have to sit on the floor and shriek over it first. We’re just *like that*

Then – feminism – new friend/contact “Oh helps! I’s feminist. Can’t find boyfriend! Should I sell out beliefs for boyfriend? Because clearly I must choose!” [Of COURSE you should ditch the lezzo hairy legged politics *girlfriend*, you”ll never get a root otherwise, and then HOW will you fake a pregnancy and make him marry you and fulfill your destiny by hating your husband, making him miserable, stealing his kids, taking his money and leaving him a shell of a man???]

Then…nice men. Oh yes, that old chestnut, thrown out by angry men world over. “It’s because I’m too nice…that those fucking bitches won’t fuck me! Goddamn those stupid sluts! They’re all the same! And they all want Collin Farrell! Or James Dean. Treat em mean keep em keen! They LOVE that shit! Why don’t they realise how NICE I am, that I’m hot shit, ready for action and they’re useless dumb girls who don’t know what’s good for them? I mean SHIT! It can’t be me right?”

Then…pretty boys. Because men should be rugged, manly and able to open beer bottles with their eye sockets. And if they are “hotter” than you, you will spend your life an anxious wreck, breathing into brown paper bags and vomiting into pot plants…because you couldn’t have anything else going for you. Since a woman is just a decoration, if he “outpretties” you, you’re FUCKED! (duh!) men CHEAT! Biological destiny! Written in the genes. Poor buggers.

Then she opens it right on up asking what are deal breakers for the readers, and what they think of her list. Let the slut-shaming, judgmental, woman bashing CRAP begin in earnest. Yeeeehaw! I gots me rifle, let’s shoot some kangaroo and drink rum til we pass out in our own vomit! (Where are all the supermodel hot, sports watching women who think that’s hot???)

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I do believe it’s started…the inevitable backlash against the writing. Now, let’s be clear…with a hit total of about 1100, the “backlash” such as it is, is hardly a Tsunami of angry comments. It’s just that to this stage my comments have been either positive or neutral. So far I have had people read because they are interested, or at least curious. Now comes the reading and commenting from the anti-feminists.

SO…I should make my comments policy chrystal clear – I will have one up within forty-eight hours. But to break it down: there are, as I have said previously here, plenty of ways for you to get your misogynistic rocks off if that’s what you’re into. My blog is not a space for that. If you would like to engage in a discussion, feel free to post. If you’re just trolling, I will both delete you and spam you. Deal with it.

 One other thing. I’m afraid, dear commenter from “Exposing Feminism” (oooh-er! Feminisms deep dark “secrets” exposed, for the *first time ever* – let me guess: “Feminists hate men, feminists hate sex, feminists hate women, feminists hate fun, feminists hate love, feminists wanna steal your money, feminists wanna steal your kids, feminists, feminists, feminists blah, we hate feminists, they’re so SCARY!!” – that about sums it up right?)

I mean I had a glance at your website, and a cursory scroll down your listed “articles” shows your politics. Let’s be honest here. I declare my politics upfront. I’m a lefty, interested in social justice and equity – this is a site for me to rant, to poke fun, to engage in discussions over what exactly is pissing me off on any given day. So, given that you are publishing under the guise of “just being *honest*”, “telling it like it *is*” why not proudly proclaim your own politics? Why not climb the nearest mountain, spin in joyful circles and shout to the world “I am a bile filled, woman hating conservative who wants to tell everyone else exactly how to live their lives!”? Is that not more *honest* than pretending your *observations* are just objective neutral “truths”? Cos you *know*, just as I do, that every *fact* you present as evidence that women *have the upper hand* has a powerful, empirically sustained counter-example, and that your *facts* about the legal system *favouring women* are not, in fact, quite as black-and-white simple as you like to pretend. Do you think you’d lose readers? There are PLENTY of bile-filled, women hating conservatives who wanna tell people how to live their lives who would continue to read you and say “Preach it!”. In fact, I can probably refer you on to a few.

I guess I am finding it both hilarious and bizarre that you, with your own website, and your own women-hating links would bother to read mah itty-bitty rant site, would bother to comment, and would dare to *correct* me on what it is that I, as a feminist get tarred with over and over again. I mean, yeah, feminists also get tarred with all the *what EVIL things “feminists” *do** crap too, but, excuse me, I think I am actually qualified to state this clearly, seeing as how I’ve read it over and over again: FEMINISTS ALSO GET TARRED WITH “feminists are ugly, hairy and smelly” – I promise I will get to the other stuff as well, but this particular piece, as you will note from the title, the body of the text and the link given and discussed, was specifically about “Beauty Myths” regarding feminism. Therefore, if you don’t mind, I think I will discuss that rather than accepting your *correction* as to what the *anti-feminist thing *is*

You’ve got your site, I’ve got mine. Feel free to ask questions and engage with my writing, but *correct* me again, when in fact you are not right in proclaiming that anti feminism *is* only about what you say it is about, or comment just to get traffic at your bile-peddling site and you’ll be deleted and spammed. So what? Gonna write a piece about how *De big bad Feminazi wouldn’t let me bully her, Mummy!* ? Get over it.

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