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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

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Ah Facebook. Full of wonderful groups to join.

A few menfolk have sent on invitations/have joined “Harden the Fuck Up”. It’s central tenets are:

  1. people are too soft
  2. crying is for babies and puppies
  3. help us to help you harden the fuck up
  4. Don’t ask for advice if you can’t take it MOFO!
1/Yeah. People are too soft. That explains all the violent crime, and all the horror stories in the news every day. That explains the two dead girls in Auburn last week, the stadium full of people stoning the 13 year old to death, the case in New Zealand where a small child was tortured while people laughed. That explains the woman raped on the street in New York while people screamed at her to shut up. I’m just staggered how wilfully people can ignore criminal law statistics. There is abundant evidence that we are NOT soft fluffy little kittens, that we hate/hurt/kill/torture. So what ARE you people talking about??
2/Puppies? What the fuck!? Why would/should a puppy cry? Has anyone SEEN a puppy cry? They whimper and whine and howl etc, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen one cry. And if they did, HOW is a puppy crying more legitimate than a grown man grieving the loss of a loved one/a relationship? Any adult being able to actually go through emotions in order to come out the other side? Maybe if you fuckwits could actually negotiate your own emotions instead of repressing them so that they become all hard, compact and sharp they wouldn’t leak out sideways and maybe men would not spontaneously beat the shit out of one another!?
3/ Just no. No thanks. Don’t want it, don’t need it, won’t touch it.I can manage my own self help should I need it thanks.
4/ Ah, yeah, again, here’s where I think you’re misguided. You sound so very very manly, and exactly like the sort of knobs that would think I *asked* for your advice just because I explained a problem. Venting and having a whinge? NOT ACTUALLY a plea for your superior problem solving skills to be deployed. So take some advice yourselves and stop thinking we needed/asked for your advice. If we ASK for it directly you may offer it. Otherwise take your theorising on what we need and shove it. Don’t like that? Ohh…harden the fuck up.

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As it was prophesied, so it came to pass that on November 24, the good people of Australia united in a fervent cry of “I call total bullshit, Howard”.

And it was a beautiful sound. And the Lord saw that it was good that Howard be defeated with abundant humiliation. And all the people rejoiced singing praises to the shiny happy faces of Rudd, Gillard and McKew. And the people danced like Maxine and shouted that henceforth should this date (and this dance) be known as wonderful, and they decreed that all their sentences should start with “and”, and not “x is” like on the evil Facebook.

And the techno-fool whose name is sometimes called Fuckpoliteness prophesied that soon in this very place would appear a vision (complete with drunken camera work and foolhardy left wing commentary) of that moment where Howard was cast down and Rudd raised up in his place – so it shall be when the effect of the spirits wear off and she can function without tears of exhaustion, hysteria and joy.

Thus spaketh Fuckpoliteness and all those who see good.

(Translation?? Howard lost the election: “Suffer in the jock area, arsewipe”)

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