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This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

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As it was prophesied, so it came to pass that on November 24, the good people of Australia united in a fervent cry of “I call total bullshit, Howard”.

And it was a beautiful sound. And the Lord saw that it was good that Howard be defeated with abundant humiliation. And all the people rejoiced singing praises to the shiny happy faces of Rudd, Gillard and McKew. And the people danced like Maxine and shouted that henceforth should this date (and this dance) be known as wonderful, and they decreed that all their sentences should start with “and”, and not “x is” like on the evil Facebook.

And the techno-fool whose name is sometimes called Fuckpoliteness prophesied that soon in this very place would appear a vision (complete with drunken camera work and foolhardy left wing commentary) of that moment where Howard was cast down and Rudd raised up in his place – so it shall be when the effect of the spirits wear off and she can function without tears of exhaustion, hysteria and joy.

Thus spaketh Fuckpoliteness and all those who see good.

(Translation?? Howard lost the election: “Suffer in the jock area, arsewipe”)

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