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This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

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Below is the link for an article which pretty much sums up the attitudes of those people in Australia who have spent the last eleven years protesting, worrying, ranting and writing about their concerns with the ethics and the implications of the policies of the Howard Government.

 This Saturday we go to the polls in what is an absolutely monumental election, so much turns on the outcome of our votes. There is only one more sleep and I am not sure *how* I will get myself to sleep tonight. I am at work, trying to focus, but my palms are sweaty, there are butterflies in my tummy, I am excited and nervous.

 Anyway, I could use my work time to write an article on exactly what this election means to me, and to the future of this country, but a/ my bosses would prefer I get the fuck on with my work, and b/ I doubt I could say it any better than the article you can link to below.

 Brought tears to my eyes…all you social justice advocates and lefties not in Australia, all you bloggers and readers concerned with ethics and equity, keep everything crossed for a Liberal defeat (nay, a smashing) tomorrow…the implications of this election will be enormous, and will have huge effects on many of the most vulnerable groups in our society…so please, please, please, wish us luck!!!

Talk to you after the election!

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