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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I met up with a friend tonight and we ate at Spice I Am. We had a great night of catching up and when it was time to leave I headed back to the QVB to wait for a bus home.

I became aware that there was a couple next to me and I saw him take her face in his hands and they kissed as though it was their last night on earth.

She turned abruptly and got on the bus and I chanced a look at him. He was grinning like he might explode from happiness and he didn’t care who saw it. He put his hands on his forehead and looked up at the sky and shook his head with this incredulous and joyful laugh.

I started to smile and realised he could see this but I couldn’t not grin: their joy was infectious.

He walked to the back of the bus and as there was a crowd waiting for the next bus I lost sight of them for a moment. Trying to be slightly stealthy in my mission to witness a little bit more joy I stepped sideways and fowards slightly.

They were both laughing like they might cry and there was a lot of gesturing and waving of arms and more laughter before the bus left. Again I looked at him and he was beaming, almost levitating with joy. I started to smile again – it was all just very sweet. He walked towards me to head off on his way beaming and looked right at me, saw me smiling and threw his head back and laughed.

Sometimes people don’t suck.

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