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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I often have these ideas that tickle my fancy when they stay simply in the realm of ideas (penises being attached by velcro so they could be confiscated should their owner misuse them remains my favourite).

I was bitching to a friend about the recent decision acquitting a guy of rape on the grounds (or at least partly on these grounds) that the woman he was alleged to have raped was wearing skinny jeans, and how oh how could he have pulled them down without her consent and assistance?

Well I have ranted long and hard about this and to anyone who will listen. But in jest I started shouting to a friend about how all these ’emo’ dudes wander around wearing tight black jeans. Serious. They look like they’re spray painted on. And those goofy slipper-looking shoes. But I proposed this: I start a city wide campaign where I raced up behind emo guys wearing these jeans…and dacked them. Yep, just pulled down those skinny jeans. Because if I can pull down *their* skinny jeans, surely there is no fucking legitimacy whatsoever to claims that men simply could not possibly take off a woman’s ‘skinny jeans’ without her consent and assistance. I proposed calling it ‘Dack an emo for rape awareness’.

What stops me is the actuality. It’s really funny. In my head. But to actually run up and grab some guys pants and pull them down is still assault, is still a big breach of their bodily autonomy. Also, it risks treating something lightly that is simply not fucking funny. The idea of some woman waging a city wide campaign to raise awareness that involves dacking emos *sounds* kinda funny. But it’s not funny to do that to someone. And the point that needs to be made is incredibly serious and risks being seemingly ‘mocked’ if you use ‘humour’ to make your point.

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