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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

As a man, I know that not all men are violent.  But many of us have observed incidents that degrade or disrespect women.  We all need to speak up when this occurs, and to speak up against violence against women if we are to create an Australia where equal and respectful relationships between men and women are valued.

We can all play a role each day in communicating to other men, about our beliefs and values in relation to the women around us.

Very few men can put their ‘hand on heart’ and say they’ve never stood silent, perhaps even laughed awkwardly at jokes or comments made at women’s expense, or had a male friend make disparaging remarks or treated their partner in a way that made you feel uncomfortable.

The fact is that these moments, strung together, form part of the culture we are trying to change.

The good news is that change is indeed possible.


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