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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

[Trigger warnings]

Yeah, goodonya SMH/Asher Moses: there’s an article in today’s SMH which claims that there’s a blackmarket demand for a game in which you rape for points (extra for raping virgins plus their mothers and forcing rape victims to have abortions apparently), not because people out there think rape is entertaining/sexy/fun, but because those damned feminists lobbied against it:

But attempts by women’s rights groups such as Equality Now to ban the game have only created a black market for it online, with dozens of websites offering it as a free download (emphasis mine)

It goes on to discuss similar ‘games’ in hentai – I suppose then that Nasty Humourless Feminists created the demand for Sexy Rape Hentai then?

What about child porn? Christ, these feminists sure are making the world a nasty place aren’t they?

While we’re on the topic, I don’t think censorship of the internet is a good idea. I don’t know what you do when there are games out there like this – the idea that anyone would want to ‘play’ these scenarios makes me come over dizzy with horror – but while I have all manner of sympathy for Karen Willis’ position, I don’t think that internet censorship is the answer.

However, I also think it’s high fucking time we stopped telling people with an ethical conscience that their objections to vile sadistic crap is what creates the demand for vile sadistic crap. I call bullshit on the logic and it’s a fucking cheap, weak cop-out and I’m tired of it.

Campaigns against things like the game do inadvertently cause it to come to the attention of people who would not have known about it otherwise, but the desire to go download the fucking thing comes from the desire to watch women and girls subjectified and brutalised, not from it just being brought to your attention.

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