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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So I can’t tell if this makes me a total goose (probably) – but I’m so used to horrid shitty news (or often celebrity faux-news) being the headline story in the SMH that when I clicked the link expecting more ‘blah’ and read about the baby elephant they’d thought was dead being born alive I clapped my hands in happiness. BABY ELEPHANT!

I know it’s ‘blah’ in the way they’re reporting it and blah in the sense that YOU KNOW there’s something of more consequence going on in the world all the time and they ignore it for baby animals – but I was physically caught off guard by my expectation of getting more celebrity shit or some heinous crime and getting a random story about a baby elephant instead. I really think that’s the first time anything I’ve read in the SMH has given me even a small moment of joy.

And then I read the rest.

Goddamned shitty mother fucking turd of a society!

I think I need to go meditate on a picture of a baby elephant or something. It’s not making me as happy as it did before though.

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