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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

[TRIGGER WARNING: extreme hatred/violence discussed]

There are moments/days where I read something so horrifying that I just utterly despair of society, of who we are, what we do, the people we produce, of the possibility of change and equality, of ‘humanity’.

Today’s story about a man in a wheelchair who was beaten (beaten doesn’t quite get at the brutality of the attack) with metal bars, punched, kiched, ‘stomped on’ by two teenage boys.

Even when I spend a lot of time thinking about masculinity and the pressure on boys to be ‘hard’, ‘mean’, ‘unfeeling’, even when I’ve spent time studying and thinking about the fear/hatred directed at ‘othered’ bodies, even when I’ve heard again and again and again the stories of friends subjected to violence because of that fear/hatred…even when I know the level of violence out there – there are just some moments where I cannot comprehend THAT MUCH HATE. I can’t even fathom how it can occur. How two people could have that much rage/cruelty/callousness within them. How it is that we produce this over and over and over. There’s a disconnect in my brain: I get the theory, but I don’t get the choices people make, I don’t understand the reality of it emotionally – how it’s possible to *feel* like that and to *act* like that.

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