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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So there is an article published in the SMH today:

Muslim Feminists deserve to be heard by Randa Abdel-Fattah and Susan Carland.

The article is a great read. The comments however would be funny if they weren’t real. A bunch of entitled Dudes turning up to dismiss the words and ideas of these women (words and ideas that are articulate and backed up with you know, actual fact and example, rather than say a cock) all the while banging on about how it’s FACT that in Islam women’s words and ideas and beings are worth nothing. Not like here. Where we’ve just told you you’re morons with nothing to say worth listening to.

Also these men seem to have some mysterious familiarity with the Qu’ran and or ‘Islamic Law’: it’s FACT says Joel that ‘under Islam’ women do not have souls. Well geez Joel, if it’s ‘fact’ you ought to be able to cite something surely. Or do you mean Current-Affair-Style ‘fact’, Common Sense Everyone Knows So I Don’t Need No Proof Style ‘Fact’.’Under Islam’ says Joel, women are not equal. They are property. Hey…that’s kind of like how the bible talks about women huh?!! (Does anyone remember the story of Lot? Or David and Bathsheba? Abraham and Sarah…and Hagar?? Those are the few I thought of just off the top of my head).

“Unmititgated rubbish” says Nick Stone, who *surely* knows more about Islamic Feminism than Islamic Feminists! Islamic feminism is an oxymoron, says Nick. Orientalism, says Nick, has nothing to do with it. Well I guess if these women put forward an articulate argument that Orientalism has *a lot* to do with it, but you have a cock and say outright that it doesn’t then you win. Hey, it sounds to me like your logic is based on ‘I have a cock and you only have a pussy, take your pussy-brained ideas away from me offensive pussy-owner!’, and yet you’re criticising a form of government I’d wager you have little real experience with because (you postulate) it’s logic says that men are better than women. That’s kinda funny isn’t it!

“Combining the worst elements of man-bashing feminism and anti-West Islamic resentment” says Thesode. “I wish the campaigners you mention the best of luck” he continues oh-so-charitably, “but don’t blame the West for atrocities committed in and by Islamic society”. See having read the article myself I can’t see that the authors did any such thing. But you *are* the man I guess. A man who spells dignity as “diginaty”, but a man nonetheless.

“The article makes informative points”, Whine Lover condescendingly begins, before condesendingly continuing “but unfortunately makes the same straw man argument that it accuses others of making. This insult to the reader diminishes the impact of what could have been a thoughtfully reasoned point-of-view”. I’d argue that the ‘reader’ might want to develop a bit more intestinal fortitude if s/he is so egregiously offended by ‘Actually, hi, we’re doing a lot please don’t assume we’re all downtrodden morons’. And I’m not entirely sure that someone making the point that they’re continually offended by other people’s incorrect assumptions needs to pander to our precious-petal ‘feelings’ in order to not diminish the impact. But, hey, you’re the man. Feel free to keep telling those Muslim Women Fools who’s boss. While telling them they’re stupid not to realise that Islamic men think they’re better than them. Oh the irony…would be funny, except that it’s NOT.

Ok, well I’d love to continue giving you examples of obnoxious Western readers completely ignoring the wonderful points made in this article and reinforcing that they don’t have to listen to no silly foreigners and their dumb-arsed-bitch words, and their whacky religion that doesn’t treat women as equal (because Christianity’s record on this is fucking stellar isn’t it?) if they can’t even see that their own menfolk disrespect their thoughts and words, all “I have a cock and I SAID that Orientalism has nothing to do with it. OK!!”, but it’s making me very angry and I have a lot to do today.

I just…all this ‘your religion’, ‘your society’ crap. AS IF WOMEN ARE EQUAL HERE YOU KNOBHEADED FUCKWITS! And do you THINK you could at least LISTEN to the perspectives of a woman who is an Islamic Feminist before you decide she knows shit about shit because she’s just a man-bashing feminist/witless tool of Islamic Patriarchy and crap all over her in your Egalitarian Western Way? No, thought not. Because HERE we respect women you dumb cows! OK?

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