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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Seriously. I don’t know how long we can keep this up.

We’re getting up an hour earlier than we used to. He’s getting home at the same time. Every night he has solid homework for *at least* two subjects. Every night. This is a kid with special needs, for whom school is exhausting in ways it simply is not for other kids.

He comes home and he’s buggered – up early, out the door carrying a massive bag (with his tiny tiny frame), off on public transport, new subjects, new ideas, more writing than I’ve ever seen him produce, new friends, new social challenges, home, unpack the bag, figure out if everything’s come home, realise he hasn’t eaten recess or lunch, quick ‘defrag’ time – ‘Tell me about your day’ (I need to get him talking so I know where things are at and so I know if he did the work, what the homework is etc). He does the homework while I rifle though the stuff he has/needs for each subject and tidy the house and cook and clean and help with homework. He finishes (under pressure) around nine. Takes him a while to get to sleep.

Get up and repeat.

We’ve done the Friday sort-out – going through the list of requirements for each subject, checking notes, diarising, list making, piles for ‘next week’, piles for ‘homework to be done over the weekend’, uniforms to wash, things to buy, things to photocopy, timetables to change (AGAIN)…

And most of you people have done this before. HOW do you keep doing it? Does it get easier? Cos right now I feel like I’ve been ‘on’ full time, all week. And this is *without* adding my study back into the mix. But if I don’t, I don’t graduate, my income doesn’t go up and I stay swimming in circles. On the other hand swimming in circles and getting him through seems better than trying to swim a ‘sure course’ forward and potentially burning myself out, risking his progress, our relationship, the smooth running of the house etc. Fuck these fucking choices.


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