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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So miniFP’s dad has never paid regular or in any way substantial child support. For years there was nothing, then sporadically he’d call and promise the world and I’d see a couple of $50 payments then the novelty would wear off.

I did say ‘I don’t care about the money, get yourself together and be there for miniFP’, however how you can just not give a fuck whether your child has enough to eat (AND not be around, AND move to Germany) is totally beyond me.

For years I’ve left it to ‘fate’ – I’ve never called the CSA to get them to chase it up. Once, years ago, there was a mysterious $1000 deposit. It was backpayments they’d chased from him – given his allocated rate was $27 a month, that tells you how long it’d been since he bothered forwarding an amount that covers say miniFP’s bus fares, or my banking fees and a couple of loaves of bread. Per fucking month. And do you know what happened then? It turned out his Mummy had paid the money and expected me to psychically devine this fact and to call her and THANK her! Uh…sure…thanks lady for bailing out your dickwad of a son. Thanks for providing what HE should have. Thanks so fucking much for being so very kind as to loan to your idiot son what he was OBLIGED to pay towards his child’s support: guess what? It’s not a fucking gift!

Bitter? Whatever. Angry? Hell, yes.mIt’s just that when you call yourself a father and you dare to get up in my face about how AWFUL it was *for you* when you nipped back from Germany to marry your new wife and you (for the first time in your child’s life) picked him up from school to take him to your wedding and found he was enrolled (gasp) under my last name (hey, I raised him on my own since he was nine months, it was MY hair he vomited into sick with asthma, MY feet he shat all over after bowel problems) you’d kind of think that you might have trouble sleeping at night (or at least be too ashamed to have a fucking screaming tantrum at me on the first day of your honeymoon) if you had been withholding the measly fucking $27 a month you were supposed to pay because you’re a liar and a lazy shit and evade paid work so you don’t have to be arsed either working or paying for a tiny fraction of your kid’s food. And when miniFP cries himself to sleep at night because his Dad can’t be bothered being a Dad (to him), and because his little brother won’t remember him next time you’re out on a flying visit your parents pay for, and you haven’t contributed financially are you even there to hug him better? No, I really didn’t think so.

So today I called the CSA for the first time in what? Over a decade. Just to check in, just to say ‘Hey, you know that piss poor amount? Well you know, I’ve just about bankrupted myself again trying to give miniFP a halfway decent start to highschool, do you think you could call FuckFace and ask what’s up with that?’.

Turns out they’ve been calling, they’ve been talking, they’ve been trying to sort something out. To hear what I wonder? “Well I really can’t be bothered you see! For me to support my first born son (even nominally) I’d have to cut back on the fags and…well…I like them…a lot. So I think I will not thanks”.

Go on. Talk to me about how unfairly biased towards women the legal system/child support system is. I double fucking dare you.

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