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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So you know, in amongst taking miniFP away on holidays I’ve been reading up on Asperger Syndrome/ADD and high school, stuff on organisation and motivation, I’ve been doing tasks around the house, I’ve been thinking about and putting together a ‘master schedule’ of our time in order to keep miniFP on track when he gets to high school, to ensure things go smoothly and I help him as much as possible with organisational stuff. I’ve shopped, for uniforms, for home-office setup equipment, for stationery, for whiteboards and laminators, I’ve gone to appointments, I’ve drafted, I’ve redrafted, and redrafted again, and now I want to know WHY it is that when I’m working on something, say like getting old cds of photos onto the Mac, onto an external disc and away in a back corner of my wardrobe to keep some clutter at bay, WHY it is that my brain insists I’m doing ‘nothing’, why my brain decides a good freak-out is in order over all the things I’m currently *not* doing? WHY it decides that I will ‘fail’ and won’t get everything done in time? Why it decides that not sleeping is a great solution? Why it attempts to convince me that I’m a terrible parent, irresponsible in every conceivable way?


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