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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So every now and then I see someone who posts some big caps-lock status update about baby death and how it’s taboo, unlike cancer.

Can anyone verify this? Is baby death a taboo in 2010? Is it something we don’t talk about? More so than cancer? Is everyone peachy keen on divulging the progression or otherwise of their cancer all willy-nilly?

I’m not quite sure why this stuff annoys me so much: it could be the caps lock platitudes-while-screaming thing, it could be the fact that it assumes that if I don’t use it as a status update I’ve never known anyone who’s lost a baby (wrong in fact), it could be the ‘I’m so brave that I’ll talk about shit others shy away from at the same time as referring to still born babies as being babies born *sleeping*, or it could be the ‘Oh-ho, lucky bloody cancer patients, it’s just so *trendy*’ attitude. But honestly, but for the fact that I’d wound a stack of people, I’d like to put up some kind of biting retort about their presumptions.


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