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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ok, so we’re having a great time down here, but hell – the city (a new city) is not really *relaxing* you know?

The public transport in Melbourne is great when you get the hang of it, but for the first few hours I felt like I’d woken up on another planet, not just interstate. I couldn’t tell what zone we were in I couldn’t find the slot for notes (isn’t one) I just had no idea what was going on – where we were, which direction was which, how the suburbs linked.

It’s the end of our third day and I *do* feel as though I’m getting the hang of it. I’m totally buggered though! You know you’re walking everywhere and your feet start aching pretty early on and it’s hot (wasn’t today but was other two days and will be the rest of the stay) and you get hungry and eat somewhere that isn’t fabulous which makes you crabby since you *know* how many fabulous places you could have eaten.

Nevertheless…I have two new Dizingoff dresses and had lunch at Cafe Vue (attached to Vue de Monde and Bistro Vue) – Yorkshire Pudding with wagyu beef and mash…for $8.50 and tasty! Croque Monseiur (spelling??) for Jamie and pastries and hot drinks to walk to Fed Square with. Nom nom nom. AND let me say that was a top-five-ever, if not *the* best coffee I’ve had. Yum.

We went to the ACMI today (Australian Centre of Moving Image or something similar) after our Vue jaunt, which was both excellent and free. Wandered around and around, then bought cheap second hand books on Flinders Street, moseyed through the lanes and connecting lanes/arcades, bought a 3d puzzle and a pair of new Birkenstocks for me cos my feet are close to falling off. As it turned out they didn’t have the styles I liked in my size at the Collins Street flagship store, so they sent me to the DFO place near Spencer Street Station…which meant they were $40 cheaper, AND they had them in a deep shiny red instead of the silver I’d earlier seen. Whoohoo.

Bit more poking around the city and miniFP is back at the apartment putting his puzzle together. I needed both some quiet time alone and some internet access: how am I supposed to find things, learn what the weather is, research where I’m going without my internet access? It honestly had not occured to me how very much I rely on it!

So tonight it’ll be either salad sandwiches in front of Buffy again, or if I don’t look at my decimated bank balance and instead put it on my credit card, I could order in for yum cha…it seems a waste not to soak up the vibe of a yum cha place in China Town, but something about the availability of dumplings and pork buns delivered to my door really appeals to me! A cold beer would also not go astray right now.

Our apartment is small, spare and clean which is all we really need. But it’s a shoe box in a ‘Jenga’ tower of shoe boxes – it gets little to no air and it’s stuffy as in the mornings/when we arrive home. I can’t really leave the window open while we’re out cos we’d prob come home to bugs or a bird in the apartment and neither of us are bug ppl…OR we’d come home to an apartment smelling of cigarette smoke since there’s a courtyard a floor or two below us.

But still. I have to say I am having a ball. Because I packed the new clothes/shoes I have bought recently and all my jewellery, and because I purchased two dresses yesterday I get up each morning and plan the whole Melbourne ‘outfit’ so step out feeling jaunty. This is helped by the fact that men in Melbourne appear to appreciate me more than men in Sydney. I can’t tell why that is, but I definitely get more appreciative looks/nice smiles and you know, that does a heart good. (Not lecherous looks mind).

It can be a bit hectic with sore feet/heat/working out who wants to do what and when/getting around on an unfamilar transport system, but still, enjoying ourselves, and still four days to go. I *may* have to take out a second job to finance my expenditures, but shh…let us not speak of that for now! HOLIDAYS!!


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