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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I’m tired and I’m just RATTY!

I keep getting shirty with other people and I’m sitting here trying to do ten things at once which when I’m as spaced out as this is really not productive.

Anyway…a couple of quick things. Mum went nuts for xmas this year cos she inherited quite a lot of money. So I thought I’d show you all my pride and joy (in terms of material possessions):

My ‘Candy-Apple Red’ Kitchenaid ‘artisan’ stand mixer. Mmm…I loves her!

Mum LOVES Christmas (she hates it when I write xmas) and she loves present giving. Sometimes she doesn’t know what to buy me and so I’ve received I think three or four seperate coffee makers from her in the past. But she friggin’ nailed it this time! It’s beautiful, and of course is shiny shiny red which is my favourite colour in the whole wide world.

Also I thought I would show you some holiday pics.

My favourite pic of me from the whole holiday (I told you in the last post those goats were pushy. These guys were smarter than the rest of them and simply did not believe me that I had no food. I’d show them one empty hand and they’d stare at the arm that hid the food behind my back and then put their head down and push at me with their horns. I flipped out a little bit. I’d just handed TBO the food but because I’d held out on them they still didn’t believe me and after all my calm soothing ‘No food, I don’t have any’ I kinda freaked out and jumped back with my hands out saying loudly ‘NO FOOD! I HAVE NO FOOD!’):

(Note my deadly serious (and a little panicked) ‘Get the fuck away from me’ look…also note my son standing to one side just pissing himself laughing at my predicament! Child had NO fear of the animals and was happily wandering around goats, alpacas, sheep and cows. I didn’t feed the alpacas – they were skittish and have a tendency to spit at you…he fed them).

This is a shot of my favourite space: the back veranda. The verandah wrapped around three sides of the house, but we’d sit on this back area laying on the swing chair, barbecuing, watching for little birds, staring at the gum trees, listening to TBO play guitar and reading or watching the kids on the trampoline or building ‘forts’. I chose this one cos it protects TBO’s ‘anonymity’:

If he lets me I’ll put in other less anonymous but similar shots which take in more of the backyard area.

That’s the view from the bottom of the garden back up towards our favourite back veranda spot

Alpaca says ‘WHAT???You LOOKIN’ at me? You STARIN’ in my eyes? I’ll SPIT in your face!’…or that’s what I imagined the alpacas to be saying and why I didn’t persist in feeding them when they bolted every time I got close.

Twin baby 'Boer' goats. White bodies, long floppy red-brown ears, standing together

Aww…baby goats! Look at them! So sweet. All knobbly knees and long ears! These two are twins. One of these two got stuck in a fence while we were there. I’m not sure what it is but I really lose my shit seeing distressed animals. And you know, sweet right? But also fucking useless. I sort of stand and scream and flap about. So when this poor kid was stuck and began thrashing backwards and forwards trying to free itself but just hurting itself, I tried helping then I started the screaming panic thing then I really had to knuckle down and help it out or it was going to really injure itself and no one else was close enough to help. So I managed in the end to grab it, hold it still and move the wire over the horns to free it.

One of the other babies freaked out cos it couldn’t find its mum and it ran around and around bleating and freaking out til it found her. Then we were like ‘Oh look – it’s going to feed’. This was not quite the tender moment I’d thought because (I guess to get the milk moving) the baby ran under its mum and headbutted her, hard and repeatedly before suckling. I was glad in that moment that human babies do not need to do this!

Baby Cow had said repeated and emphatic ‘No thanks’ to our attempts to offer it some hay.

This is ‘Donald’ their ‘young’ bull. He was okay with being handfed and was reasonably pleasant to us but the instructions were clear that he doesn’t like to be patted. We happily obeyed the instructions. (While he *is* huge I just accidentally made that picture bigger than all the others).

The goat we nicknamed…well we’ll continue to refer to him as TBO for anonymity’s sake. We dubbed him this because he was bearded, intelligent, persistent and pushy and took a bit of a shine to me. I’m not sure if he was the one who bit my thigh because my dress looked tasty.

Well I was going to add another couple of images, but the computer/my net access seems to have decided that’s enough for today.

I’m feeling a little better having looked back through the snaps and remembering how lovely the holiday was. Off to bake a cake with the new mixer and to start packing for our Melbourne holiday (a whole week together in Carlton, just miniFP and me!)

Hope you’re all having a relaxing time and enjoying the hols/not working too hard.

E.T.A: Below is a pic of the lethal cake we made. Sorry for the dodgy pic. It’s a flourless cake, choc and ground almonds, butter, sugar, egg yolks and a kind of merangue mix folded back through…then it’s slathered in ganache. I LOVE the inside. All gooey and moist and delicate…bit too much ganache/bit too much of an intense cocoa hit…maybe a little less ganache next time or a less intensely dark chocolate for it? But the cake itself is glorious:

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