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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ok, I am free and headed towards intoxication so bear with me.

First up…it’s been brought to my attention that my use of the word ‘moron’ is problematic. I will try to think more carefully about my choice of words and what they *actually* mean, not what I mean them to mean (and also you know, I’m not excusing it, it’s not like I’m saying “Oh…when I said that was gay I meant it was crap not homosexual” and therefore thinking I’ve explained it away/justified it. I just mean I’ll try to be more conscious of the meanings of the words I’m deploying and the ways in which they could be hurtful/offensive.

Second! I. Have finished. My final essay! (For the year, not the degree). But honestly, I REALLY REALLY felt like this day would never come! I didn’t know how I would get through this semester, and it’s been the worst semester I can remember in terms of the energy I had left for study. But it DID come and I DID finish and I WILL pass and I AM free of study for three months. I started with the scotch about four this afternoon to ‘pep myself up’ and I’m finishing my third (humungous) glass now. My face is tingly. I *might* be intoxicated. I *might* be enjoying it!

Third…I can’t remember what comes next. My face is all tingly, the rain sounds lovely, I’m free of my essays and I can put up my Christmas tree soon (like Mim, I love me a christmas). I’ll make it to the farm and to Melbourne, I’ll spend time with loved ones, I’ll have time for the gym, and hell, to paint my nails fire-truck, ‘slut-bomb’ red! I’ll go nuts and even read FICTION! I might occasionally take a fucking NAP! If no one is around to restrain me I may even take in a movie or two! Oh blissity blissity bliss I am DONE!


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