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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

This might strike you as odd from someone calling themselves ‘Fuckpoliteness’ but that picture makes me squeamish.


I’m really not a big ‘prude’, you know? My son knows about sex/bodies etc, we laugh over double entendres, I swear like a trooper and he swears at appropriate moments and in appropriate places. He’s twelve. He’ll jokingly say ‘Shut up’ or ‘Oh bugger off’, or flip me the bird when we’re arsing around. So I’m not Captain of the OHMYGOD but he’s a KID brigade.

But there is something kinda depressing about this pic. I really hope it’s a digital manipulation thing…please?

I mean look at those pudgy dimply hands…and then that look on his face…total macho aggro ‘Fuck YOU Ref!’ and then the baby teeth? Gyyeeeeaaaragh! He’s like some British soccer hoodlum’s Mini-Me. 😦

I laughed my arse off at that baby pic from ages ago with a baby pulling a random crazy-face that someone had typed over to say ‘I’ll stab you cunts’…but because it was such a juxtaposition. The baby was just caught pulling a random face, and the interpretation was funny cos it looked accurate, but couldn’t be/wasn’t…but this? Not so much funny to me.


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