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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

“I mean really!?? WHY must you consistently work at deluding yourself into a belief that women are not afforded equal respect in this society? Get with the times! Look at all those female school teachers (feminazis seizing control of the education system and raising stunted children bound and muzzled by the ludicrous restraints of political correctness)! You got the vote, you get to work (getting paid less than men for the same roles and having the social pressure to be the primary carer for kids and having your employees milk you for all the extra hours they can even when your kids are sick, and if you look half broken asking if it’s ‘that time of the month’…but you GET to work! Why it’s been a while now since universities controversially decided that humans with vaginas are still humans and could therefore possibly be allowed a university education! Sure the first chick at Sydney Uni faced so much fucking hostility she bailed and went to Scotland to finish her studies, but FARK…that’s all OVER! And sure, okay, there are those Islamic countries where women are disrespected, and okay, sometimes some uneducated redneck (or footballer) might beat or rape a woman, but REALLY – that hardly ever happens, and women are equal (and liars about rape) and viewed as equal so if you want to think otherwise you’re just playing the victim – why don’t you get empowered with a pole dancing class?”

Well dear (fabricated) arsehole reader: let’s discuss St Paul’s college at Sydney University shall we? These wonderfully educated, privleged and pampered little tossers wear formal wear to dinner every night, that’s JUST how much wankery goes into ‘Did you get the message? You are Very Important People’.

Their parents have already paid more than most of us will earn in a lifetime so they can brag about their kids fluency in Latin, or deftness with a ball made from pigskin. These fine upstanding pillars of our society are the boys/men we should allegedly look up to/hope for our kids to be like – they should be a decent barometer of where it’s ‘really’ at, or where it’s going, shouldn’t they? I mean no ‘school of hard knocks, grew up on the farm, had me ears clipped if I slept in, harden-the-fuck-up’ upbringing to blame for outbursts of uncouth aggression. These aren’t those ‘scarifying Muslims’ from out West preying on our girls! These are the landed gentry, the diligent and respectable future of our country, the professionals-cum-politicians, the leaders in waiting. So what, pray tell do these wealthy respectable erudite leaders-in-waiting have to say on gender equity, the role of women in society and the way forward for society?

‘They can’t say no with a c–k in their mouth” read the hand-drawn graffiti in the Salisbury Bar, part of St Paul’s residential college on the University of Sydney campus.

Just for anyone confused, that would be COCK, not cookie, chicken or cook.

Here’s hoping that anyone these little fuckers (and their oh-so-precious cocks) come into contact with have razor sharp incisors and jaws like a bear trap. But happy-daydream-scenarios of a couple of torn off cocks stapled to the wall in the same spot as the graffiti with a handwritten message of “I think they can” aside – we know this is not the reality of how this will play out.

These students are men – they are eighteen, entitled to vote, drive a car and drink (I’d say hopefully not at the same time, but why the hell not, Daddy knows someone who could smooth it all over if they did). They have the best education considerable piles of money can buy, from the ‘finest’ institutions. They *allegedly* have the finest moral upbringing one could ask for, what with their shelter from the ‘uncouth’ ways of the poor and rough and their religious schools instilling their lessons in strict morality and proper conduct. They have every chance in life and no ‘excuses’. And they *know full well* that not only can they hold these attitudes towards women but they can fucking flaunt them, scream them from the roof tops, rub women’s noses in them. They didn’t just ‘not know’ it was ‘wrong’ to talk about/treat women this way, they *learned* the lesson that women are objects and they are the only real subjects, the only people who matter, they *learned* the ‘boys club’ lessons. They learned they’ll get away with it. And then they’ll settle down and marry and no one will be any the wiser.

The girls/women they rape will unfortunately NOT be physically able to bite their trouble making cocks off. They will be raped, presumably by someone laughing at their trauma. And they will be shamed. They will be blamed. Their sense of control over their bodies and what should happen to them will be torn from them by a bunch of entitled little misogynists. Their sense of safety can be destroyed in an instant because these boys have *learned* that it’s safe and acceptable to carry these attitudes towards women. And these guys are the guys with the very best chances of getting away with it permanently…with no blemish on their records. And to go on to positions of power safe and smug in the knowledge that they are invincible – they can do anything and get away with it.

So if you happen to be the next person to ask me why I’m a feminist…or to tell me that women ‘are so too’ equal? Just be forewarned that I’m likely to be slightly LOUD and unpleasant in my response okay?

[E.T.A Please go read Mary’s much more thoughtful and insightful post on the matter @ Hoyden About Town

Also, I’d really love it if people could be clear that rape and condoning rape is the problem, not being drunk. While I understand that alcohol and violence have a complex and enmeshed relationship, it keeps appearing to me as though people are like ‘Rape, yes, bad – oh to stop binge drinking’. I hope like HELL they mean the drinking of the men is the issue, and not that women were drunk, but even then…they did not rape because they were drunk, and they did not think rape was fucking HILARIOUS stuff to post about because they were drunk. RAPE is the issue. I’m all for alcohol being seen as dangerous, but let’s not act as though it’s a Jekyll/Hyde thing where but for that last malted beverage no one would have been raped.

And another thing – in the article discussing the college there’s a quote re the St Paul’s experience:

”All the facilities of the college are designed to ensure that men have the greatest possible amenity and can spend as little of their life as possible dwelling on mundane, domestic arrangements.”

While I’m not suggesting that if they had to fold their own sheets they wouldn’t rape, I’m a bit taken aback by that being seen as a social good/social service…ah more fully grown men thinking the house cleans itself, and that dinner will present itself as the Just Rewards for Manliness, and when they realise it doesn’t they’ll just get a wife – a ‘nice’ wife and look fondly back on the days where the Universe provided and they could rape whomever they wanted. I’m afraid I *do* think there’s a link with handing all of the ‘Fun Bits’ of life to ‘men’ on a platter and making them believe that life is like that, that ‘mundane domestic arrangements’ just take care of themselves or that is what a woman or servant is for (or indeed that the domestic is mundane etc), and the sense of entitlement and superiority they carry in all areas to such devastating effect in this area]


[E.T.A more links rounded up at H.A.T here including links to Penguin Unearthed and News With Nipples posts which I’ve been meaning to add links to]


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