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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I took miniFP away for four days to stay with the lovely Wildly Parenthetical and her parents.

Road trip down, lunch and dinner with everyone there, kayaking and puppies followed by an adventurous solo run in which I got chased by Country Dogs (scarier than city dogs since no one is around to help you and you may step in horse poo trying to get away) and vego feasts for dinner, knitting and card games and a late late night, breakfasts of eggs and mushrooms and tomatoes and juice and coffee and lunch with home made pasta and veggies and fetta and herbs with Jennifer Gearing and her partner talking blogging and gaming and politics, dinner of home made baked beans followed by home made brownies, history and theology discussions, more knitting, Dollhouse, puppies, more puppies, breakfasts and study in the sunlight and lunches and dinner of ratatouille whipped up from a well stocked pantry, more Dollhouse, more knitting, more breakfasts and puppies and study and a long long bus ride home in which I finished the study I’d set for myself.

It was thoroughly delightful, but I stayed up too late and didn’t sleep all that well freaking out about the approaching exams so it was pretty tiring as well as restorative.

Back last night – I had called TBO to see if he’d come to my rescue as I’d not get home til 8:00pm and the thought of shopping and cooking was abhorrent. He rescued me with style and flair cooking a fancy-pants mac and cheese and a big salad YYYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM – and packing a bit of a hamper of breakfast supplies for a sleepover.

Nowhere near enough sleep, lots of coffee and music and laughter made for a lovely morning, sadly followed by work (which it’s best not to talk about really), late leaving the office (GRRRRRRRRR), shopping, and prepping for dinner tomorrow night so I can feed the sharehouse full of friends who will help miniFP and I carve a Darth Vader Pumpkin for the Halloween night at his school.

Despite being hysterical with tiredness and I suspect hormones (curse you PMS) and a bit of Impending Exam/life stuff stress, I managed to get tomorrows dinner prep done, draw a pretty good Darth Vader from a pic of a pumpkin someone else has carved, cook tonight’s dinner, fit in calls to Mum and from TBO, clean up, cut the lid for the pumpkin and carve its guts out – YUCK! SLIMY STUFF!!!

AND I have a recipe to roast the pumpkin seeds. I dropped them all over the floor which nearly made me cry, but the floor was mopped today, and the bastards have to be seperated from the goop and washed and boiled in salt water anyway, and roasted, so fuck it, I picked those bastards up. They left my floor all slimy though. Yuck.

SO all I have to do tonight is wash the freaking seeds off a bit and leave them in a pot of water overnight, clean the floor, sort the seeds out tomorrow morning and draw the Darth Vader face onto the pumpkin in tomorrow’s lunch break (no, really, I have to carry a fuck-off-enormous pumpkin up the road to work tomorrow cos I won’t fit it all in otherwise).

Oh yes, my washing machine that I paid $290 to have fixed the other day? It DOESN’T WORK!!!!I also have to map out dates and make a study plan, and you know, actually DO some more study.

I didn’t get any study done tonight, and I still have a billion things to do, but we will carve this fucking pumpkin and it will be awesome and that will make MiniFP happy and that will be cool.

Oh…and [major heartbreak warnings] following the links over at Hoyden About Town, I saw pictures of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography…I got up to number 9 in the office when I just had to stop because howling in misery for this young boy and his mother and the things they had to go through just wouldn’t be considered acceptable in the office.

It’s the saddest (and loveliest) set of pictures I’ve ever seen. Such beautiful photography, but utterly devastating. Wait til you are alone in a room and can howl and rail at the universe because I promise you, you will. The photos leave you devastated, but amazed by the strength of love and commitment and heartbreak and joy – what Cyndie went through for Derek, and what Derek himself went through…it astonishes me that anyone has the capacity for it all.

Christ…better drag my sorry tired arse to bed.


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