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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I’ve been away what feels like an awful long time…away from blogging that is, not ‘away on vacation’ away sadly.

So most of you know that I went pretty quiet when TBO and I broke up and I set up another blog with a plan for a third.

But then, you know, life got busy as it does, and things intervened as they do.

TBO and I are kinda working through stuff and are trying to give it another/a new shot, so you know, the whole ‘Let’s blog hilariously about being single and getting into comic scrapes in the dating scene’ thing isn’t really a go under the circumstances.

And I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for hunting down things to write about here – I’d notice stuff that pissed me off but my energy was directed elsewhere so I just didn’t have any follow through.

Then I was sick for about two weeks and felt like I was just shit out of energy. (While I was sick I was determined to be Ms Independence and when I was all fevery and crampy I knocked down a big wooden framed mirror which hit me several times on the legs/feet leaving me all bruised and scratched…but at least the fucking mirror didn’t break, I honestly think I would have sat down and ‘quit’ had that happened).

So what’s new? Well I’ve gone nutty for exercise. Boxercise once a week and swimming at least a couple of times a week, plus I’ve started a running program that says it will get me running five Ks by Christmas (I remain slightly sceptical). I never really thought of myself as fit/athletic, but I guess I like noticing the change in my muscle tone and having a go at seeing what level of fitness I have – happily enough I’ve been surprised that my cardio fitness situation isn’t quite as dire as I’d thought. But I have *muscles*! Honestly I got muscle-fatigue in places I hadn’t even known I *had* muscles, and I’m getting quite the bicep line! It’s quite fun and gives me a nice break from more ‘thinky’ stuff.

I’m headed down south again this weekend to visit the folks of the lovely Wildly Parenthetical and to hang out with them, with WP, with miniFP and two other friends, and play with puppies, and maybe knit…I should study but frankly I’ve had the sort of semester that means I can’t quite make myself give a shit about “should”. I totally deserve a holiday/some free time. And it’s *that* sort of thinking that will cost me my usual distinctions this semester. But who gives a crap right? I need to pass, I’m not shooting for a merits scholarship.

I also found a flyer for a community permaculture garden! Community garden!! Permaculture!!! I know nothing about how to grow shit but I’d like to, plus I like the community-project idea, and I love home grown veggies and I’m keen on the permaculture idea. So it’s win/win/frikkin win really.

I’m doing a lot of thinking and talking about thinking and talking (oh and about ‘feelings’ and stuff too) which is surprisingly not as scary as it previously seemed. It’s really nice to be seeing TBO in different settings, and to be stealing time for coffees together, and to be laughing together again.

Mini FP was in a school choir thing at the Opera House today. That was pretty cool. I generally don’t love school-band-type performances. I feel mean for that but they usually make me cranky and want to throw things, but that’s because they’re generally FAR too loud for the venue and it hurts me and gives me really bad headaches. But in the Concert Hall of the Opera House nothing sounded painful/too loud, and I was really quite surprised by the level of talent on display. And of course it felt pretty special to see my son up there performing – he was so nervous! He got all rigid and his eyes kept flicking in our direction and he refused to dance freeform when they were allowed, but he was totally into the whole idea and seems very happy after it all.

Things are going well with work too – I dropped down to three days a week and while I was really nervous about that and what the workplace would be like, it’s working out well. We’ve got a new paralegal and a part time legal secretary and time is being freed up for me to do ‘proper’ legal work, and it means I’m not in the same bored funk work-wise that I’ve been in for a couple of years.

Uni’s nearly over – I have 50% of my grades earned in both subjects, and reckon I’m sitting on a high credit at the very least. One final exam on trusts and equity and a final essay on mediation in family law and I’m done. I’ve got fuck all time in which to prepare for those, but you know – I’m just going to put in the minimum necessary and just get it over with.

Then we’re on the downhill slide to the end of the year. I’m going to take miniFP on a holiday we probably can’t quite afford, but really fucking need and try to get a sense of a total break between 2009 and 2010. It’s been a tough second semester.

But I’ll be trying to get back into blogging a little more regularly over the next couple of months.

Ooh, and I just ‘discovered’ Tom Waits…so much cool music waiting to be listened to!

So sorry for neglecting commentors of late, there were some great comments in response to the Hey Hey post, but I was in a bit of a flat ‘funk’ and just had no energy for responding at the time, promise to be a little better in future.


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