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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

[Merciful Zeus I made a lot of grammatical/spelling errors below. I admit I have gone through to fix a few. Apologies to those who read it prior to amendments]

I think I might just be a teensy bit in love with Harry Connick Jnr.

With thanks to @Jennifergearing on Twitter this morning I read about the Hey Hey it’s Saturday (it’s BACK??WHY??) Red Faces ‘gag’ where a bunch of guys ‘blacked up’ to be the Jackson Five. Except of course for Michael who was pale faced.

Oh, the thigh slapping hilarity of ‘blackface’ humour, of ‘Michael Jackson – is he black or white??’, of ‘Haw haw how silly are those black performers with their comical and unwittingly homoerotic moves’ etc etc.

Enter Harry Connick Jnr. While the crowd whooped it up, and John Blackman (if it’s still him) did “Michael Jackson” voice overs (ie/ high pitched/’effeminate’ breathy strangeness. Oh the humour! Such wit!! Stop it, my belly is SORE) and Darrell bumbled along laughing and congratulating these ‘performers’ HCJ sat seemingly staggered and disbelieving and gave them a ‘zero’ along with a mouthful.

Of course in that uniquely Australian-fuckwit-way the performers laughed in that  ‘Haha your attempts at discussing racism are funny you fool’/’I’m simply so daft that laughing open mouthed is my response to everything because I have no idea of *how* to engage’ way, Somers and co were immediately all ‘Oh, of course! In *your* country that *would* be offensive’.

But here where we did our best to wipe out the Indigenous population and still continue to ignore the policies that are fucking things up, that sort of racism is a-o-fucking-kay. Cos it’s *funny* right? Like golliwogs! (I need a flashing ‘sarcasm’ sign).

God I HATE Hey Hey it’s what midweek? Is that the name now? Hey, Hey We Just Won’t Fuck Off? I HATE that show and the munt heads who are involved in it. The bar for humour is set low enough in this country without them taking the bar away and beating us all about the head with it. Is that fucking OSTRICH back? Or Dickie Fucking Knee? Oh haha, a bad pun and a misogynist little head on a pole…oh more puns…ha ha. And my my John Blackman and Red Simons are HI-LAR-I-OUS. Is John Blackman dead? It certainly hasn’t stopped the inane voiceovers if he is. And Jackie just smoooothing things over again. Silly Yank! We don’t care about race here, go back to where you come from!

Yeah I’m feeling pretty fucked off right now.

Oh and the ‘aplogy’? Not TO people of colour or *everyone* who is offended by this shit, but to Harry Connick Junior on the basis that his ‘countrymen’ would have found it offensive:

“I know that to your countrymen, that’s an insult to have a blackface routine like that on the show, so I do apologize.”

Yeah try again douchehound.


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