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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

How scary are travel agents!!?? I walked in today and asked for some advice for my holiday with MiniFP and the woman was so freaking enthusiastic I was nervous. She was all ‘Darl’ and ‘Hon’ and she talked so fast and her eyes were so wide I suspected she’d just had three cans of RedBull or something. There’s a level of happy-to-help that’s just *too* happy you know. Take it down a notch. Otherwise I begin to feel like I want to hide, or my level of enthusiasm about my holiday looks morose next to theirs.

How awesome is it that there is a place you can call and for a small fee they’ll get your dinner from one of a couple of dozen yummy restaurants for you?

[Oh yeah, on less ‘random shit’ and more actual ‘news’ Mini FP got into the selective stream at a good public High School. Hence the celebratory ordering fancy dinner business. How awesome is that?!? He has Asperger Syndrome and ADHD and he got into the selective stream. I think we need to start thinking about some CBT stuff for next term to help with organisational stuff and commitment to homework, but there’s a good support program at the school for kids on the spectrum, and I imagine they’ll modify homework for him somewhat. Even if he does a year and sees how it goes, it’s a good opportunity for him to be stretched a little more intellectually].

Back to random shit…How great is water? I LOVE water. Not even like ocean water. I just mean drinking water. I don’t quite get Travel Agent Enthusiastic about water, but almost. I think this about half a dozen times a day. I have a glass of water and I think DAMN that’s a great drink!

How much of a nerd am I? I wrote an essay and finished it two days before it’s due. My “reward” was to clean the house, and put clean sheets on my bed (okay in conjunction with ordering dinner in and looking at cool places for a holiday).

And really, I was SO happy to do it. In the last four days of essay prep I ignore any non-essential housework and I’m so in the zone I don’t care too much but it’s a background irritation until the first thing I want to do when I’m done is make my house look shiny and new again.

I’m sick and I want to swim. Like really really want to. But I don’t want to take my germs to the public pool.

Looking back over that list of things that are making me happy, I really think need to take up an ‘ice’ habit or something and even all that functionality out a bit.

Oh and the best bit of today was when I went to do the fortnightly bill routine and realised that I didn’t need to pay my debt to my friend back (cleared the debt) or my monthly huge-with-interest credit card payment: loan repayments come out of my pay and I have a clear credit card for emergencies and St George can fuck off and die. Whee!

Also I have clean sheets on my bed. (Seriously…a little drug habit would even things out,no?)


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