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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So I’ve been coping with things pretty well I feel, but the wheels have just fallen off a little.

I’m exhausted, having been doing a lot of exercise lately (5 days out of 7), and having been on on-campus sessions, and yes that whole grieving thing. I keep forgetting it’s only been just over three weeks since TBO and I split up, that it’s okay to not be 100%.

I kinda ‘accidentally’ got shitfaced last night: my bosses insisted on us all getting together for a big dinner and piss-up on a Friday night where I wanted nothing more than to study for two hours and sleep indecently early. But when you’ve got free Little Creatures on tap and you’re mocking the Riverview graduates and their families it’s a little hard to call it a night.

I stumbled home around 12:30 a.m, ill with rich food, too much ale and an aching uterus, I inexplicably emailed various people for a good hour (though probably because I knew the room would spin if I lay down) and slept fitfully.

So today I’m exhausted, hungover and pms-y. I studied a little, got caught out by a friend of my son’s who likes to call at say 3:00 and say ‘Can I stay over tonight’ and a drama over a missing battery pack for a 360 controller. I wasn’t dealing with it well and MiniFP and I got into a bit of anย  hysterical screaming match. He headed off to get some sleepover supplies only to call in tears realising how sick he was and how over it he was and how he no longer wanted his friend to come over (his friend having dicked him around over times such that we both lost a good hour or two of time).

Just as I was about to head out the door for a swim I found TBO’s b’day card to me from a couple of months ago.

The *only* thing that saved me sinking into a deep hungover depression was a swim. I swam and swam and swam some more. I love that since I’m teaching myself to swim I can’t concentrate on anything other than swimming, on pulling my stomach muscles in, on floating on the right angle, on how my arms are moving, on kicking my legs properly. I can swim and swim and know that when I get out there’ll be a nice break between the chaos before the swim and the rest of the day after.

I really wish I didn’t have a fucking essay to write. When I get through this godforsaken semester I am taking miniFP and myself off for a cracker of a holiday. We’re going to whoop it up in Melbourne, and eat our own body weights in food! We’re going to sleep in and run amok and be lazy arseholes! It will be great.

Anyway, that’s my self pity rant. I have to go. Mini FP and I have blue-cheese burgers on the way and a date with Pirates of the Caribbean. Mmm blue cheese burgers!

In case anyone wants to make blue cheese burgers:

500 g mince

70 g blue cheese

couple of Tbs of Worcestershire sauce

couple of sploodges of Tabasco sauce.

Sqidge together into patties and YUM!!!!

Later people, see you when I’m less flat!


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