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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Well…I’m feeling a little ‘meh’ about this blog right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved it and there’s plenty to rant about so I’m not totally axing it…but I’m just hitting a point where I think this ranting takes a lot of my time and energy (and I do it in my personal life anyway) and in terms of writing I think I may invest the primary focus of my energies elsewhere for a while.

I’ll post links to the new sites over the next few weeks.

I won’t delete this account, so if you’ve got me on an RSS feed, you can keep it there and I’ll post when I work up to a really spectacular rant, or occassionally cross post from my other blogs…but it feels like the time has come to move on a little. At least for now. (Though I will say that I’m so very chuffed that it looks like I’ll hit 50,000 hits by my second blog ‘birthday’! And I’m very happy to have met so many cool people/found so many great blogs).

My first new blog (first only cos it’s been activated already whereas the other one I claimed a long time ago and need wordpress’s help in reactivation/accessing it) is Yes, yes, another tired play on the title of Sex and the City. I guess what shits me about all those Sam in the City or faux-Bridget Jones colums is that they’re SHITHOUSE – embarrassing cliches and attempts to steal the ‘style’ of Carrie or Bridget’s voice/writing and devoid of any actually interesting content. This is just me laughing at myself for the total *lack* of glam in the suburban bouts of “accidental” celibacy, and a place in which to discuss honestly the frustrations and negotiations involved in dating/gender/sex/desire/heteronormativity/monogamy/the politics of sexuality/funny stories.

My second (when it gets there) is something I’m pretty excited about and is going to be (or at least is intended to be) more generally about bodies/sex/desire and women – I don’t think girls and women are encouraged to discuss the specifics of desire and sex, to the point that we don’t share knowledge about how we negotiated it ourselves, to the point that women are getting surgery on their labia because they’re convinced their vulvas are ‘abnormal’ =…it might venture into men’s issues as well at times, but my primary focus will be on a site that gives women access to frank discussions, hopefully to information and resources that can help and a space in which they feel free to express their thoughts and feelings in safety. And I think that’s valuable for men as well to see that we’re *not* all prissy little ‘Charlotte’ types, abiding by ‘the rules’ and wanting flowers and ‘candy’ before we’ll ‘put out’ and that a woman with desire is not a ‘type’ of woman. This will need to be a collaborative effort if it’s going to succeed and be intersting, I will need feedback and gentle admonitions if I accidentally repeat heteronormativity, or push a monogamy line or make sex workers feel uncomfortable. I have no desire to proclaim myself a ‘sexpert’ (what a stupid fucking word!) so I will take all constructive feedback on board. I’m unsure if I can still reclaim the site, so I’ll post the link when it’s up and running.
And that’s about that really…I’ll still be checking in to approve comments and hopefully won’t trail off completely in terms of posting, but come find me elsewhere. Same comments policies will apply (ie/ if you’re some bigoted fuckwit go away).


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