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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Sitting around talking shit last night and listening to a Pixies album and Tom mentioned they’re playing out here soon, that he’d seen it on JJJ. A few of us said we’d go if that was the case.

I’ve never seen them live and I missed out on a lot of live music when I was a teenager due to firstly no money, second stoned friends forgetting to book, third due to getting knocked up at nineteen. So I’m gradually working through my 90’s music list. Tori in a few weeks, Rage last year…so when I realised the tix had been on sale since last week and that the first show had sold out as had all other state venues, I totally flipped my lid and just bought four tix. I’m down with that. It’s Pixie tix, I’ll be able to sell them on ebay if not to friends, and I’m pretty sure two of the three extras I’ve got are already going to be snapped up. But FUCK I’m excited!!

And everyone’s at work so I can’t tell them I have tickets.

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