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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ever ready to slam others as irrelevant/not worth listening to as they’re ‘idealogues’ if they write from a political perspective, Sheehans latest piece is the fucking Nessun Dorma of hypocritical hate mongering.

Here he is digging at others that their ideology taints their logic/their perspective/their right to be listened to and he’s not even bothered to try to hide the fact that he’s ramming his hate-filled anti-human-rights, anti-Indigenous Australian self determination, one-eyed, ego driven bile down our throats while trying to make us believe it’s ‘objective’, ‘neutral’ and ‘common sense’.

He opens with some nonsensical paragraph about a women’s club commending it for elitism and discrimination while throwing in the standard quote of Groucho Marx’s that is so overused as to just be worthy of an eye roll when pulled out as now as if it’s the cutting edge of wit.

He then prattles on a bit and in a segue reminiscent of the Chaser’s mockery of the Anna Coren segues on Today Tonight, he manages to turn it ninety degrees into an attack on the current sex discrimination commissioner of HREOC, HREOC in general, Tom Calma and in fact anyone calling for a little more self representation and self determination for Indigenous Australians.

He’s angry that Calma and others have called for a self representative Indigenous Australian organisation to fill the void left by ATSIC. He’s angry that ATSIC was dissolved amidst claims of corruption (because lord knows the white folk never do such things and that if they ever do their organisations are *immediately* disbanded since white folk can’t be trusted with money) – well I should clarify, he’s smug that ATSIC was dissolved, he’s angry that upstarty Indigenous folks would dare to think they could ever have another representative body after that.

Would that this approach were taken to the corporate world! What. The. Fucking. FUCK?

Sheehan conveniently doesn’t mention the fact that the body, if given the go ahead, is aiming to be a self sustaining company in the next five to ten years. I mean fuck, the government has systematically fucked things up for 220 years and the plan is to make sure they make their own money and don’t need to take contributions after five to ten years? And Sheehan is still complaining? Oh you bet he is:

Australia’s indigenous population does not need more symbolic, costly window-dressing in the name of inclusion, consultation and self-determination. It needs good managers, effective programs, and fearless case-by-case pragmatism, not more tax-funded frequent-flyer points.

I’m so glad Australia’s Indigenous population has Paul fucking Sheehan to tell them what they do and don’t want or need, what they should and shouldn’t be allowed to have and do. Sheehan? Fuck you.

He’s *concerned* you understand about fund misappropriation.

Misappropriation of funds? Let’s talk about the misappropriation of funds ($45 million) by the corporation paid absolute megabucks by the government to begin building Indigenous Housing…and there’s yet to be a house built two years in shall we? The misappropriation of funds of one of those well managed effective programs.

It seems that whenever corporations and governments misappropriate funds that doesn’t get a mention: they’re all trying to do their best, meanwhile Indigenous Australia ought to be denied a self representative body because ATSIC was accused of some corruption.

He’s also angry that HREOC hasn’t *solved* the issues of violence and child abuse in Indigenous communities, ignoring the complexities of communities with life expectancies some twenty years lower than those of the average non-indigenous australians, lack of access to resources, and suffering the consequences of over 220 years of fucked up government policies, and what might be required by such communities to ‘solve’ their problems. He also coveniently ignores the issues of violence and child abuse in non-Indigenous communities, and the stories of the sexual abuse of Indigenous minors by non Indigenous miners.

Ignoring also that HREOC is not a body funded or equipped for the practical work of strengthening communities by way of increased resources etc.

Ignoring that really the government is better placed to begin attempting ‘solutions’ (though I’m uncomfortable with the language since government ‘solutions’ to ‘problems’ have notoriously fucked people’s lives up even more) than the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission which is not charged with, responsible for, or equipped to “fix” societal problems so much as bring attention to them and lobby for change those who could make a difference if they chose to.

Sheehan then moves into such a ludicrously wilful misunderstanding of the role of HREOC and its own representation of its goals (ie/ if you go to HREOC’s website you can see for yourself how very much more than self promotion they’re interested in/responsible for) that it’s just not worth engaging in. But for your reading pleasure I’ve copied a paragraph where Sheehan shows that unlike those crazy idealogues, he’s ALL about objectivity and neutrality:

These are the major human rights issues within Australia, and the commission is largely missing in action. Instead, it forms part of a burgeoning, increasingly suffocating, passive-aggressive, ideologically-tainted rights culture flowering within our legal system and public sector. The Rudd Government, with its mania for micro-management and government control, is merely accelerating the process.

Wow “Take it down a notch, Scotty, kinda freaking me out!”

A further paragraph which might give some clarity as to where Sheehan is coming from/headed to:

In the 23 years of the Human Rights Commission’s existence, it has managed to spend, in real terms, about $400 million on itself

I mean I am writing an essay here so I can’t go chasing down how much HREOC has spent on itself educating the community and in chasing up and reporting on human rights violations but that’s less than $5 million a year right…for the most significant human rights watchdog organisation we’ve got? And in 23 years some of those areas have come quite a long way, some of which I’d wager had something to do with the work of HREOC.
But let’s “get to the fucking monkey” shall we:
Sheehan wants a public tanty over the “lie” of the Stolen Generations.
while its [HREOC’s] most signal contribution to society has been to divide, not unify, by helping the construction of the greatest lie ever told about Australia: that tens of thousands of children were stripped from their families in a process of cultural genocide, a claim since reduced to ashes in the courts.
“Greatest lie ever told about Australia”…”reduced to ashes in the courts”…is this guy for real?
Could somebody help me out here? A little collaborative posting? Is he meaning that since the courts have not granted compensation that this means that children were not taken from their families? Or that they were but from a *good place*?And that if people ‘meant well’ it didn’t happen/is okay? I mean really I am *actually* very confused by his point. First I’d need to be able to *comprehend* it to set about rebutting it, though in the end I think screaming ‘Shut the fuck up you pig-ignorant racist fuckwit’ is just as satisfying and is likely to underly my final counter response even when I can comprehend it. I’m pretty sure whatever point he’s making is so piss weak that it would just rebut itself in a bit of a fart noise.
I’m running out of patience with his idiot article, because in the end he’s another redneck racism-apologist pretending his hateful politics are ‘neutral’ (and yes I do feel ‘superior’ in that I fucking announce my politics, an infinitely more honest position), but to end with I’d like to leave you with this stellar ‘observation’ of his:

The commission sees an increase in complaints as a sign of health, justifying its large budget and its incessant quest for influence.

Common sense would suggest just the opposite, that a decline in complaints is a sign of social health. But the commission, in its myopia, is more concerned with self-perpetuation.

It appears he really is as stupid as he looks. Well sure, in a fucking utopia, no one would have any human rights violations to complain about, so a human rights watchdog organisation would field less calls and complaints. But given that we do not then of course HREOC sees it as a good thing, a sign of health when people are informed enough to know they have a right to make a complaint and approach a body like HREOC for assistance. What sort of common sense does he have?

The person who must accept responsibility for this disgraceful commitment to intimidation is the president of the commission, Catherine Branson, QC, a former federal judge. One day, when the political wheel has turned, the Federal Government should liquidate the commission, ridding us of another parasitic bureaucracy beyond reform.

Let’s hope when the political wheel turns, it’s large and heavy and he’s UNDER the fucker!


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