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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ok I am tired, busy and well…essentially lazy (plus I have a headache, a truck-tonne of study to get to and my net access is being throttled), so I’m not running all over the internet for you right now with a little link here and a little link there.
But what started the whole thing was a question over at Crikey which evolved from ‘why don’t women subscribe to Crikey’ to ‘where are all the female political bloggers’.

This got up the noses of quite a few prolific political bloggers (who happen to be women) – unsurprisingly enough. Why hello, we’re here. It’s not that hard to track us down. Almost everyone knows about Hoyden About Town and they have this excellent blogroll, and…Ah right…you don’t mean us. You mean ‘big P political’ for which I take it you need to have a big P penis.*We’re* just discussing media, law, rape, issues with the medical profession, disability politics, invisibility, breastfeeding discrimination, conduct of politicians, live blogging elections, internet censorship, race politics, divisions in feminism, transphobia, homophobia, talk back radio, life/work/study/family/friends/leisure balances, and about a million other things.

I don’t actually object to exploring why women might not blog about certain kinds of topics so long as the many reasons why are canvassed. But the question at hand quickly changed again.

Leaving that part of the discussion to one side, the discussion became one of why women are not participating in the larger political blog spaces like Crikey and Larvatus Prodeo.

To be fair the conversation has not been all bad, some stuff that came up was that women are far more likely to be blogging about the substance of politics, politics in action, politics in how it affects life rather than the dryer more technical side of politics. Other people raised the factor of extra demands on women’s time (and reading family law this semester I’d say that’s a valid issue to discuss). Some of these things could stand to be explored longer…but you know it really didn’t take long for the inability to focus on the issue at hand to set in and then of course we had the pissed off pot shots at women.

Larvatus opened up their own thread and as if in illustration of exactly why women do not participate in these spaces as much as men discussions at both places explored variations on themes such as:

We run a tight ship, if they can’t stand the heat they should get out of the kitchen

They’re women: baggage, amirite?

Well ladeeez I read your so-called blog: my goodness you have some anger! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that’s unladylike and discomforting to me? (actually that was over at the Crikey post)

Male privilege? What the fuck are these overly emotional morons on about? If they can’t stand being called hysterical shrew feminazi bitches then they’re obviously unused to our short and jocular conversational style

I can’t be arsed engaging with it for much longer than this, but it’s a beautiful illustration of some of the stuff Melissa McEwan was discussing in her post I linked to from my last post right?

That women say ‘Look I’m really uncomfortable with the way you conduct yourself’ and men fall all over themselves asserting that it’s you, it’s your fault, we ARE SO TOO progressive and inclusive communities and if women have too many ovary-related hormones, victim-mentality baggage and fragile-nervous system issues then they should GET OUT and that is SO not our problem.

Apart from the instances of outright aggression about the issue the general tone of smug superiority of condescending ‘Oh yes dear but I meant to be disparaging…did you only just pick that up?’, the tittering ‘Oh whacky feminists, they can never just integrate can they’ – basically the condescension and unwillingness to engage, and the dismissal of experiences not their own is just something that means I *cannot be bothered subjecting myself to that SHIT in order to bump up the numbers of women engaging in their ‘conversations’ (more monologues really)*

I would *far* rather spend my time discussing politics in spaces in which questions of inclusion/exclusion and the effects of policy are discussed in open and respectful ways. No that doesn’t mean I’m going to be welcoming MRA’s onto my site. It means I’d rather know that a guy being a smug shit slapping a woman in the face in a sideways manner to avoid moderation would GET MODERATED. Don’t pull that shit, don’t think we can’t see it for what it is. And *please* for the love of god don’t tell me you’re progressive if you can’t even listen to a feminist perspective without pissing all over it. If you have that much trouble with a feminist perspective and can be that offensive in response, I *really* don’t want to read your defensiveness over racism, homophobia, transphobia and disability politics because then I might *really* loathe you. (Oh a little shout out to Hannah’s Dad right now: HD your man parts are safe)

That. Right there. Is why I don’t bother with your spaces. Because you’re only too ready, nay, damned eager to jump all over and trample upstart-0y women who have experienced the world in ways that question your cocksure belief that the need for feminism is over, equality for all, click your heels, zippity-doo-dah.

That and I can hear more interesting discussions elsewhere – gasp! Sorry, some of the posts are quite good, but as far as conversation afterwards goes, well I don’t mean to shock you with the revelation that the political and philosophical universe doesn’t centre around the nattering of a couple of dozen overly privileged middle class uni graduates in white collar employment, but your discussions in threads is mediochre, your inability to focus on discomforting issues that might require you to examine your own privilege, your attempts at ‘wit’ and your self congratulatory, protecting the status quo smugness is off putting and tedious and on the whole your conversational ability really just doesn’t get me there you know?

So…don’t call me…um…I’ll call you. When you start working out on your inclusion issues k?

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