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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Oh my fucking GOD.

I’m a little tired, sure. But I don’t think I have EVER laughed as much as just now.

A friend linked to Snacks and Shit a website that quotes select idiot phrases/sentences from rap lyrics (yes, they like rap, but for real, most of the selected sentences are definitely WTF worthy). And you know, some are not that thrilling, but whether it was the cumulative effect of reading such crazily meaningless/obnoxious stuff, or my general tiredness or just the shock of ‘And just WHY would a person say that/think that’s hot?’, I just lost my shit like a shit collector with amnesia when I got to 353, I mean seriously I laughed, I laughed louder, then I really just made various disbelieving screaming/snorting/wheezing noises of helpless, hysterical mirth for the next ten to fifteen minutes to the point I thought I was in danger of hyperventilating/wetting my pants:

“I can make your pussy whistle like the Andy Griffith theme song.”
– Drake, Best I Ever Had


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