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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Lord above. I woke up and saw headlines about Hilary Clinton not being a ‘happy camper’. I was confused – what she’s camping? What do I care if she’s not a tent and cold showers woman?

Later I saw headlines that Hilary ‘snapped’ at a student.

Here’s the thing. She’s the fucking Secretary of State of the United States of America. She was asked:

Mrs Clinton, we’ve all heard about the Chinese contracts in this country, the interference drom the world bank against this contract ….What does Mr Clinton think through the mouth of Mrs Clinton and what does Mr (?? unclear) think on this situation? Thank you very much.

To which the Secretary of State of the United States of America says:

Wait, you want ME to tell you what my HUSBAND thinks?? [vague ‘whoa’ noises from the crowd],  My husband is not the Secretary of State, I am. [Crowd…’whoa ho hohhh’, one or two people clap, nervous laughter. Few people chatter, sounds like some says ‘United States’ then chatter gets louder, more forceful, more laughter] So you ask my opinion, I will give you my opinion. I am not going to be channelling my husband.

Ok. She was an invited speaker with the highest of authority to speak on the issues at hand, she was on the stage in an official capacity and she was asked what her HUSBAND thought on a particular issue…what he thought THROUGH HER MOUTH!! Because she is clearly just his mouth piece, his puppet, there’s obviously no point asking the Secretary of State *her* thoughts on the matter when she’s married to a guy who used to run the country but is now retired.

Goddamn it to hell and fuck it all up: a man in her position would NEVER have been asked that question. Never. What a fucking joke.

You know even if she were NOT the Secretary of State of the United States of America, she would have been well entitled to remind the speaker to have a good hard look at her question and the offensiveness of asking a speaker for their *spouses* opinion.

The fact that she does so, bluntly and with astonishment that she was ever asked and without apology in reminding the speaker to afford her the respect that is due, does not mean she ‘snapped’. Or at the very least it would never have been constituted as such if a man had done it. Men remind people of their authority/their right to speak for themselves all the time and it’s never them being an ‘unhappy camper’ or ‘snapping’, it’s their *right* to remind people of their position and to address them with respect. But when a woman does it it’s snapping. Dude, she must be pms-ing or something!?

You know, the woman asking the question probably did not *think* about what she was saying, probably meant no offence. But fucking COME ON people: if you had worked your arse off your entire life, if you were representing your country as their top diplomat, if you were the secretary of state and you were asked for your *spouses* opinion “through your mouth” I don’t reckon you’d give a good god damn about intentions…particularly when you’ve had to put up with this shit forEVER as Clinton has.

Snapping? I’ll give you snapping!


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