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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

See I know, as a woman I’m supposed to act with nurturing empathy, to take the world to my bossom and give it a big maternal life-giving hug.

But some days I can’t be arsed right.

A guy goes apeshit over the fact that he couldn’t get a date in years. He walks into a gym, turns off the lights to make escape harder and open fires on a latin dance class – a latin dance class he KNOWS will be full of women cos he did his research on how to kill the maximum number of women. He’s been planning to kill women and then himself for a super long time. Because he can’t get a date. Nobody loves me I think I’ll go eat worms just got a whole lot more aggressive.

So this son of a bitch HATED women right? I was tipped off by the fact he tried to kill a whole bunch of them, but apparently there are a whole lot of people out there saying he’s just misunderstood.

No, no, he didn’t hate *women*, he hated himself. He was lonely and sad and frustrated and in need of affection.

Sure, I buy all that. If I could wave my magic wand. we’d all have hugs and puppies and fulfilling sex lives and any types of relationships/non relationships that we want.

But the thing is that the world *doesn’t* work like that does it? We’ve all got our pain, our dysfunctional historys, our childhood traumas and mortifications, some worse than others. And sometimes we’re lucky and sometimes unlucky in love/sex/flirtation/what have you.

I personally went through almost EIGHT FUCKING YEARS of ‘accidental celibacy’ and I’m here to tell you I was not happy. I was twitchy and starved for affection and sexually frustrated to a point that I turned into a blithering idiot around anyone I was attracted to (and after eight years I was attracted to most people) because the lust would nearly knock me unconcious.

And I had to go through all those uncomfortable emotions that we’re supposed to pity Sodini for – confusion, a sense of failure, loneliness and isolation, feelings of rejection, and blah blah fuckitty blah.

You know what I *didn’t* do though? I didn’t start deciding that the world was against me, I didn’t decide a whole gender was simultaneously my lifes goal and my achilles heel, my one desire and my biggest hatred, I didn’t decide that a whole gender was full of worthless whores who deserved death (unless they’d bone me which would grant them a short reprieve) and plan a massacre.

So…life is complex. People have problems. People have WAY bigger problems than a dick with no happy place (and really it’s not ME being crude there, this is ALL he saw women as even on a happy day – go read his posts the guy is a complete turd). So I’m drawing a line in the sand. You couldn’t get a date? Well cry me a river dickface – don’t sit there blithering misogynist hatred for months on end plotting your fucking massacre because you hate women for daring to live their lives without you and your boner as their focal point and expect ME to be sympathetic.

And you others? STOP fucking shitting on about mental disorders etc – cos you don’t fucking know. Thus far, all we DO know is that this guy was a self absorbed, self pitying turd who HATED, that’s right HATED women. He held THEM responsible for his whole life’s woes. He showed a distressing level of joy in imaginary notions of them being raped and punished FOR enjoying sex – the very thing HE was so obsessed with that he decided to murder women. We DON’T in fact know if he had a mental disorder, so stop talking shit until you do – it’s been said before and will be said again – MILLIONS of people DO have mental illnesses and do not commit heinous acts of violence, and many people with no diagnosable mental illness DO take pleasure in inflicting violence, rape and murder. STOP treating all murders/rapes and other unsavoury acts as the ‘result’ of mental illness when you know shit about shit.

Thus concludes my rant. Sodini: fuck you. You should have sought help a long time ago to fix your thought patterns, but you didn’t cos you felt they gave you power. You should have stopped and sought help at several points along the way but you didn’t. You KNEW you wanted to kill women (and kill them because you HATED them) and you still didn’t. So EXCUSE ME if I don’t lament your itty bitty feelings. If you wanted to end it you could have killed yourself and then MAYBE I’d have had it in you not to be harsh and uncaring. But you didn’t. You couldn’t get a date? Oh cry me a river dickface.


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