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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Honestly, I ask you – HOW MANY TIMES have you heard me complaining of yet another slut shaming article by ‘Ask Sam’?? I mean she has told us that women must NEVER EVER have sex on a first date. Because men will know we’re rampant sluts who asked for our impending ill treatment and no matter what they do to us, how unkind they are it will be ALL OUR FAULT.

SAM has crapped on about how she has NEVER had sex on a first date – she’s even prudish about KISSING on a first date. (I find this hard to believe and if it’s true then she has my sympathy for being a boring prude who makes her own life more complicated by adherence to pointless and self defeating idiot rules).

It’s never MEN who should be concerned about all this because men are about the cock and care not for anything not involving them coming and coming hard and women are sexless marriage hunters, the moral gatekeepers of the universe, if THEY don’t say no, if THEY don’t cajole, manipulate, browbeat, withhold sex, play games, follow rules and ensure at all times that they come off like shiny happy (fun) puritanical wowsers (can you see the impossibility as well as the idiocy of the task set for us) then WHO WILL MAKE THE WORLD WORK RIGHT?? If they don’t constantly take on the role of moral enforcers then their own beatings/rapes/mistreatments at the hands of men=all their slutty fault.

Because everyone knows GOOD GIRLS, SMART GIRLS, NICE GIRLS WHO DESERVE GOOD TREATMENT *never* have sex on a first date. They use it as a tool of manipulation and capture (her utopia is somewhat disturbing to me).

But now: now Sam wonders why women hold onto sex like it’s a treasured possession to give away (or a dog biscuit for tricks learned, or a tool of manipulation to ensure he mawwies you and gives you The Baybees)!? WIMMINZ – what is WRONG WITH YOU you big ninnies!?Where did you get these WHACKY ideas??

Why women believe that it is sex they need to use to exert their power over men is lost on me. Sure, we’ve been fed the axiom time and time again that women need to have sex with a man in order to feel loved, valued and cherished, while men need sex to, well, they just do. But the reality is: does it really hold as much power as so many women believe?

Let’s leave aside that her promised *reality* is in fact another stupid typically vacuous, meaningless and circular ‘Ask Sam’ style question and focus instead on the staggering weight of her BLATANT HYPOCRISY!

WHY do women believe it? Because of arsehole money spinners like yourself who make a living TELLING them that that’s what they need to do, that it’s the magic formula, making them responsible: want to change your fortunes as a woman in a man’s world: try THIS handy tactic.

I honestly cannot believe the fucking gall of this gigantic twit to make it her life’s work to insist upon this sort of sex-withholding manipulation only to turn around and pretend it’s just come from nowhere and is a shock to her.

Why? Because a random guy said so.

A random guy said basically women should stop withholding sex and if they want not to be treated badly the fucking morons should stop being idiot chicks and instead do something worthy like read Tolstoy and if they don’t they’re dumb sluts who deserve mistreatment. Huh. Wierd right? DIFFERENT to the old premise and yet…SAME! More wimmin-hating, wimmin-blaming, misogynist self-serving, double standards CRAP. Published by Sam. Because nothing she believes is actually worth *fighting* for, and however strongly she believes in something it’s all just a house of cards blown over by the wind of some trumped up turds breath as he unleashes a waft of his utter shit. Phhf…gone. Just like that. Why? Because HE has a cock and is therefore the gatekeeper of KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH about the UNIVERSE whereas WE don’t have them – as women we can only be gatekeepers of morals, here to make sure all is nice…not so much for us cos we deserve to be treated like shit for the sluts we are, but to make the world a comfier place for the hardworking super clever men.


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