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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So having bought the Mac the other day I decided to go buy the Mac care package tonight. Myer closes at seven, so at 6:15 pm I jump a bus and head in.

I hop in the lift and there are two Myer employees dressed in concierge-style suits. One is holding a large black garbage bag.

They chat between themselves and the guy with the garbage bag opens it, holds it up to his face and breaths in deeply. Then he says ‘Oh, they smell GREAT’.

I’m having a ‘what the fuck’ moment, and then he says to me (holding out the bag) ‘Would you like a bagel ma’am?’.

I say something along the lines of ‘Ohh, no…I…err…’ and he insists ‘Go on, they’re fresh’ and proceeds to hold the bag open for me to fish myself out a bagel.


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