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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ok. Just go read this. I have no real comment to add except WELCOME TO REALITY SMH – women in sports? Treated badly. About time you noticed.

Also…can I just…let’s consider WHAT passes as beauty. Serena Williams is a resounding *no way* apparently cos her arms are arms built and trained to whack a ball and whack it hard, which surely comes in handy in tennis even for a woman.

I’m sure the shit levelled against this woman has *nothing* to do with her being black, a powerful athlete and unapologetic.

Let’s look at the other picture can we for a moment? The ‘beauty’ contrasted with ‘talent’. She’s what? Young, thin and white and that’s the best that can be said really. Also SHE doesn’t have arms that might be able to rip your precious pee-pee off! Therefore, ticking the boxes of bland, thin, young and white (and no overt markers of a nasty refusal to bow to feminine dictates even where they hold you back like, say strong and muscular arms on a woman) she can be designated as beautiful despite having a face that could only really be described as really, fairly fucking spectacularly BLAND.

I’m sorry, I don’t know the girl, and I don’t care to be drawn into judging women on their appearance and no, I am not saying she’s ugly…she’s fine. She’s just…you know…meh. She’s got a face. How nice for her. That’s about all you can say. I’m not suggesting she ought to have more, that she needs to stun me with her beauty in order to play tennis. But when those people who DO assert that sort of nonsense, also try to assert that “beauty” is an objective thing, I do take exception to WHAT is being called ‘beauty’ and then being set against what is apparently unacceptable to beauty.

Sure, Serena’s pulling an allegedly ‘unladylike’ face of exertion there, contrasted with Kirilenko’s ‘ladidah’ face, however she’s just BELTED a ball far harder than any of us could, so you know, let’s kind of cut some slack there regarding the face pulling. What is pissing me off is that the spitefulness against the Williams sisters seems to be that they DARE to be black, female, powerfully built and sure of their own talent. BURN THEM AT THE STAKE THOSE UGLY MAN-LIKE MOLES!!!

And Kirilenko et al get to be ‘beautiful’ simply by virtue of being young, thin and white. They whack a tennis ball the way a lady should, ie without those unladlylike faces/noises/muscles and without putting the men off their erections. With a demure blond ponytail. But what’s considered ‘beauty’ here isn’t really about looks/faces, it’s about markers that you still know you’re subservient to the dictates of a certain kind of femininity, that you still observe the rules and don’t alarm the menfolk by taking up precisely the amount of space you need to in order to do what men are always allowed to do and turn your body into a high performance sports machine, that you will always play only if you can look ‘pretty’ doing it.

ETA geez I made a hash of spelling back there, hope I caught most of it. What a mess!


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