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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

It’s chilly and ceaselessly rainy and it makes some stuff a real pain in the arse. I don’t have a clothes dryer (or I do but it works only when it wants to which is less and less frequently) so I had to haul a large heavy bag of washing to the laundromats…and now can’t pick it up til Monday. That’s not so fun.

But I have finished my exam, and this is the first weekend of not studying, and I read in bed last night, I slept in, I had breakfast, read some more, went back to bed, read some more, moseyed out for a lunch of eggs benedicts and read some more, and now after a quick stint at the grocery store I’m back, to (you guessed it) jump in bed and read some more. Reading in bed while listening to the there anything better?

I like that in this weather there is nothing for it: I need to shop for food with a little more planning, or swing by Coles on the way home from work. Then I come home, jump in my pjs, cook and settle down to read or watch a dvd. I go to bed earlier and get more sleep. Mini FP is happier to be in bed earlier. I snuggle in pajamas and fuzzy robes, snug in my little shoebox home. At least that’s what I do now I don’t have to STUDY!


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