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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Trigger warnings.

In this scenario, where two drunk men with political influence cornered a young woman alone in a downstairs laundry, and ‘demanded she have sex with them for money’, then when she refused, one man ‘forced her down into a crouch’ and prevented her from leaving?

When you’re reporting this, it is actually okay to use the word rape. When you force yourself on a woman who is not interested, nay who is not eagerly wanting sex with you, the correct term is rape, when you try it but get stabbed, it’s still attempted rape. They tried to force themselves on her…they tried to rape her, it’s really quite okay to say so and not make it sound like what happened is she got upset that they offered her money for sex and instead of saying ‘No thank you’ and that she would have been able to walk away. So when you write a headline, you might want to think about ‘Fending off rape’ rather than ‘Fending off demands for sex’.


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