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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

A man’s review of Steel Magnolias the stage play.

Men: Women, their lives, their friendships and dramas? You are meant to find them utterly boring and irrelevant. You can go along to watch just so you have something to complain about later, and insinuate you’re *pussy whipped* and chicks run the world and own your balls, but no way is is possible that women have anything to say that might be worth listening to, nor is there any way in which you should ever attempt to watch a film about women’s lives without approaching it as though it were root canal work.

Women on the other hand should eagerly anticipate the release of the next dull and repetitive Dude-bro film about the wonders of male friendship and the humour to be found in emotional fuck-wit-ism and anything involving car chases and large scale explosions (cos apparently all men at some stage in their lives will be in a Die Hard kind of scenario).

Learn it and learn it early kids: women need to learn to identify with men and male narratives and the male perspective, else they’re locked out of the majority of cultural works, men on the other hand need desperately to ensure they *never* identify with the female perspective else their *man parts* will shrivel up and fall off and they’ll never again have the respect due to them as a MAN. Chicks can be fully expected to watch dick flicks with the menfolk, but menfolk must never ever be expected to watch a chickflick with the womenfolk.


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