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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I thought I understood it, I thought I had my head around it. I went back to it. No – I missed a lecture, a lecture that has thrown not one, but multiple spanners into the works. It’s close to midnight. I am *not* (even remotely) close to done. I have no annual leave days to take and a sickie is out of the question given they’ll see right through it. I WANT TO BE FINISHED!!!

Update: I finished making comprehensive notes (incorporating the lecture) on easements, the majority of which I think will be relatively useless in the actual exam – I think the majority of it will come from the four substantive requirements that I was ALL OVER like HOURS ago, but you know, you just NEVER KNOW so I took notes on what I have to say was the most poorly laid out, rambling piece of shit lecture EVER from this woman – and really, she’s awesome, I don’t know what happened but it’s like she got drunk on easements information and vomited it everywhere rather than gave a lecture. It is lucky I love her, cos it was CRANKY MAKING!

Now my shoulder hurts and I’m bug eyed and manic and am half tempted to do something silly like start in on covenants now. But I had a glance and her lecture will give a guideline on how to structure MY notes by copying and pasting for extra detail, so that’ll be like 60 minutes max rather than what was that? Three and a half hours???

And pretty much I’m just taking her lecture on mortgages and hoping for the best. She said that was all we needed to focus on, so I’ll take that and run with it. Maybe I’ll sleep with the text book open to mortgages under the pillow and hope I absorb it by osmosis cos that chapter is DAUNTINGLY LONG! I read it, I do NOT want to take notes on it if I do not have to – plus the other tutor gave us comprehensive notes which I shall be reading on the train tomorrow.

Wow. That’s a pretty long post about something that NO ONE EXCEPT ME is interested in. I hurt. Every muscle in my upper body is complaining. AND. AND AND AND. I THOUGHT Harry Potter was out in JUNE so had plans with mini FP to celebrate the END of the thing that’s absorbed my energy and confiscated our lives such as they were for the last month or so…but it’s NOT OUT! Grrr, stomp, grumble, shit, fuck. Fine. I have moped enough. To bed with a Phenergan to ensure actual sleep.

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