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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ok, just as shows such as A Current Affair seem to have say seven stories they recycle:

Neighbours from hell – take a look behind the doors of *this* house of horrors

Is your washing powder over priced? See what our secret in-store tests reveal

Is this man Australia’s WORST dole bludger?

Single mothers – can we shoot them yet?

Snooty ABC loving left wing bastards: I bet they’re just as bad as us

Is this pet Australia’s new hero?

Disability parking – I bet they’re not disabled at all!

and just as Cleo/Cosmo have their seven articles:

Men: what are those mysterious buggers thinking? (Here’s how to spend ALL your time obsessively wondering/arbitrarily deciding)

Six ASTONISHING NEW WAYS to please his cock

The TEN BEST SEXUAL TECHNIQUES (to please his cock)

How to dress for your figure (to please his cock)

Who’s the hottest celebrity like EVER?

Will you make it?? Will you be TOGETHER FOREVER? Here’s how to tell if you’re headed for wuv and mawwige for SURE!

And Secret Men’s Business: Ten men tell what pleases their cock

Ask Sam is recycling an ever more repetitive handful of premises.

Today’s is something akin to (don’t click the link if you want to play) ‘Does women’s market value decline with age?

So something new and racy then. Chicks? Still boneable at thirty? Survey says NO! Holy Shit Writing Batman, I am JUST SO RADICAL!

I’m not going to read it as I read the Paul Sheehan article on How White People Are Never Racist today and I’ve had my quoto of arsehole views swimming in shitty writing and drowning in dodgy logic for today.

BUT – what of a new game? We can take bets on what her next article will be on:

Do we think it will be about:

Cheating men: Women’s fault?

Frigid bitches and Lying Sluts: No WONDER men treat women like crap?

Any other categorical suggestions? I suspect that unlike A.C.A and Cosmo/Cleo Sam does not have a mere seven topics that she recycles with a slightly new gloss to hope that readers are fooled into believing it’s something new. I suspect the number for her is five.

ALSO – we could guess as to the points she’ll make in today’s article then check in? Like Female Spokesperson For the Patriarchy Bingo? Either this is a really fun idea or I did not get enough sleep last night…

So, I say roll up – place your bets on the most offensive statement she’ll make in today’s article, then we’ll find out who the winner is. The winner of course getting nothing tangible, but my love and admiration for sure.


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