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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Via Hoyden, via Salon – please go watch Tracy Grimshaw politely, calmly and ever so deftly smack the verbal shit out of that smug prick Ramsay.

From the Salon article:

On Saturday, a day after the “A Current Affair” reporter interviewed him, Ramsay told an audience of thousands at the Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne that Grimshaw was a lesbian. He also suggested that the journalist “needs to see Simon Cowell’s Botox doctor.” And, in what may have been his most disgusting move of the day, Ramsay “showed a picture of a woman — who appeared to be naked — on her hands and knees with the features of a pig and multiple breasts” and cracked, “That’s Tracy Grimshaw.”

Wow, Ramsay you’re a fucking charmer aren’t you?

In trying to clear this shit show up, Ramsay’s publicist has gone the ‘it’s just a joke and they’re mates’ route saying Ramsay and Grimshaw have a good relationship. Well Grimshaw pulls no punches and lays it out beautifully, my personal favourite being the bit where she states clearly that they have *no*relationship whatso-fucking-ever, that where she’s played along with him in interviews, that when the camera’s off she doesn’t give him a second thought.

Ramsay? I’d be thinking with your track record with women you’d be best advised to shut your fucking pie hole since the filth that comes out when you open it just lands you in well deserved trouble. And while we’re on the topic, YOU think that GRIMSHAW needs Botox?

I know I’ll cop some heat for this, but let me just say I’ve not felt the need to write about Ramsay’s looks before now – but dude, you have skin that could be hauled back, pegged into place and would still need a good iron with a starch spray*, so how the fuck do YOU come to be giving out cosmetic surgery advice?

Get back in the kitchen and cook me a pie Ramsay

*FP is well aware that looks are not the point, but FP is quite tired of men and their bullshit double standards. I think it’s perfectly acceptable, whilst knowing that looks do not impact on a person’s worth and we’d all be better off if we didn’t judge people on them, that when a man has randomly attacked a woman for her looks to point out that this is not just a case of the Pot unprovokedly calling the Kettle ugly – but one where the kettle is actually fine, but the Pot should be hidden at the back of the cupboard after a stern lecture on Shutting The Fuck Up so WHAT’S WITH THE FUCKING DOUBLE STANDARDS? No, it wouldn’t have been any better if Ramsay had been a ‘good looking’ guy saying this, it would still be equally repulsive – what the fuck is with the picture gag? But yes, I do get frustrated at being required to ignore the bullshit hypocrisy of men who seem to think they can require of women that they spend countless time and money conforming to what their dick requires and yet feel that the whole beauty standards thing does not apply to them.


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